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  1. I agree with David, but after looking at the first set of Logos, how would it look if you put ‘antenna’ on the top of “B” swooping it up (like the R goes down). Just a thought.

  2. I like the logos with the bee, either with the R straight or backwards. These logos make “buzz” more memorable and implies a “busy-ness” in finding the best information out there (which, by the way, you do).

    • Adding to my own comment—I forgot to mention that the current logo and the three bottom ones look more like SB.

  3. My initial reaction was that I liked the one on the top right best, but after staring at it a bit more I find the “B” to be a bit too obstructed by the “R.” The top left logo gives a more equal weighting to the “B” and the “R,” making it more obvious that there is a “B” in the bee. Also, the logo is unusually tall compared to the width — perhaps the antennae should be a bit smaller (unless you only plan to use the logo in a context where height doesn’t matter).

  4. I like the upper right logo, with the R and stylized B facing in the same direction. Simple, direct and a bit of buzz. Never understood the logic of wrong-facing letters, which may be trendy but not enduring.

  5. Top right with R & B facing in the right direction. Would it be worth trying to add the magnifying glass to that one to see how it looks?

  6. I prefer the top right: it’s a bit fun. But really the magnifying glass is sure appropriate: you sleuth out some of the greatest stuff.

  7. I like the second and third choices of the new set of logos. Either one reflects on the light tone of the column but also that the information provided is informative and vetted.

  8. Busy Bee cute, but long term…..???? More stylized might be a better choice.
    Appreciate your diligence in finding and publishing interesting resources.

  9. Top Right way better than any of the older ones. I find the interior lines , in the bee figure, too thick though

  10. Tara, I’m not crazy about the bee, not sure why. Of the 3 you showed, I liked the third one best (least visual clutter IMO)


  11. Forget the ‘R’ and ask yourself what you want the Bee to be saying. Change the ‘B’/Bee accordingly. Then see if there’s any place for the ‘R’ to add anything. Whatever you choose to do, stylisation will come easily in later iterations i.e. a few years on.

  12. I like the third one on the far right better than the other two and better than the previous three. There is something jaunty about the way the “R” is leaning against the “B”.

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