Short Monday Buzz, March 2nd, 2015


From How-To Geek: how to access region-restricted Web sites from anywhere on Earth.

Mashable rounds up a bucket of Tumblr shortcuts.

More useful from Mashable: Getting started with IFTTT’s Do camera app.


Did you know Facebook employees can access your account without your password? I kind of assumed it, to be honest…

If you thought that Snapchat was mostly for naughty pictures, check out this article at Business Insider, which looks at Snapchat Stories. It sounds interesting enough that I might try Snapchat. (Also, do the comments on this article seem a little over-the-top negative to anyone else?)

Bradley Horowitz is now running Google+. “Meanwhile, there seem to be some wider personnel changes as well. We’ve also heard — but have not been able to confirm with Google — that there’s been a lot of attrition at Google+ amid some low morale. At the time of Gundotra’s departure, there were between 1,000 and 1,200 people working on Google+. A source estimates that around half the team is gone, although there has also been some staffing up in Photos and Hangouts.”

Larry Ferlazzo wants to make a great list of downloadable student handouts, but he needs your help.

The New York Times has a backgrounder on Superfish. Good morning, Internet…

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