Kolkata, Yahoo, Podcasting, More: Friday Morning Buzz, March 6th, 2015


CrowdFlower has launched an open data project. “Crowdsourcing company CrowdFlower allows businesses to tap into a distributed workforce of 5 million contributors for basic tasks like sentiment analysis. Today it’s releasing some of that data to the public through its new Data for Everyone initiative.”

Kolkata has launched what is described as India’s first municipal archive. “In a bid to preserve and narrate the over four centuries old history and evolution of Kolkata, the city’s civic authorities have launched a comprehensive archive, complete with rare photographs, texts and digital records, an official said here on Wednesday. Said to be India’s first municipal archive, the ‘Amal Home Digital Archive’ has been developed and curated by the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC).”


From The Internet Patrol: How to Find Somebody’s LinkedIn Wall.


Yahoo has introduced contact cards in its e-mail.


In its continual quest to cut down bad behavior, Twitter may be requiring Tor users to provide a phone number. (According to the article, Twitter denies specifically targeting Tor users, but read the article…)

Is Twitter going to get a Daily Edition? I’ll stick to Nuzzel, thanks.

It looks like Google might be testing search results without descriptions. Ewwww.

Bit weird: Goldman Sachs will debut a new social networking service. “A Goldman Sachs-backed messaging and social networking service is planning to roll out broadly to Wall Street by July, complete with its own app store for add-ons, The Post has learned. The service, called Symphony, will allow workers across Wall Street to communicate with one another, and incorporates instant messaging, chat forums, Twitter and internal feeds.”

Online course builder Versal is teaming up with Wolfram Research.

The next time someone tells you that every search niche on the Internet is filled, point out to them that podcasting now has a hall of fame, but still doesn’t have a search engine worth a darn. Good morning, Internet…

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