Genealogy, Google, Nuzzel, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, March 16th, 2015


This ain’t TIME’s most influential: The Database for Individuals Who Have Transcended Linguistic, Temporal, and Geographic Boundaries. (From MIT Technology Review)

Genealogy Gophers is making a huge collection of digital genealogy books available for free (PRESS RELEASE).


Maybe not useful, but lets you explore Google Autocomplete and have fun at the same time. Google Feud lets you play Family Feud with Google Autocomplete results.


Now on Google Street View: Khumbu, the home of Mount Everest.

Facebook has updated its community standards. “The revised guidelines clarify Facebook’s policies on a variety of topics, including bullying, threats of violence, self-harm and hate speech. The company is attempting to strike a balance between blocking offensive content and allowing for freedom of expression on its network.”

Nuzzel is experimenting with custom lists from Twitter, and now you can too. ” A Nuzzel Custom Feed can be based on any kind of list of people. For example: people who live in a certain area, people who work at a certain company, people who are part of a certain community, or people who are influencers in a certain topic.”


If you’ve been reading ResearchBuzz for any length of time, you probably know who Danny Sullivan is. He started writing about search engines in 1996. Copyblogger takes an in-depth look at how he writes. And suddenly I feel less bad about the fact that I too have minifigs on my desk…

A change in Google News has apparently gotten company statements in search results. “A Google spokeswoman said that in September the search giant widened the number of sources from which it drew the entries that appear in the ‘in the news’ section of its search results page. Previously, only links to stories on approved news sites such as those of newspapers and TV stations appeared in this section of the main search page.” Gee, what could possibly go wrong…

Twitter is experimenting with TV Timelines. “The concept is fairly simple. Twitter sees you using a TV show-related hashtag, a character’s name, even a key phrase from one of a handful of designated shows. For this experiment it’s American Idol, Big Bang Theory, @Midnight and The Blacklist. A dialogue box pops up on your iPhone Twitter Timeline (at the top) and invites you to try out Twitter TV Timelines. If you accept, you’ll see a very unusual Twitter interface.”

Google Now is going to get an API. Good afternoon, Internet…

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