Genealogy, Google, Nuzzel, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, March 16th, 2015


The UK’s Ordnance Survey is launching OS Open Map later this month. “It will be our most detailed open data product, providing a backdrop for integrating and visualising analytical datasets. There’s an enhanced level of detail for buildings – including functional sites such as hospitals and schools, an extended naming of roads and an extensive set of cartographic names optimised for digital styling and presentation.”

Duke has digitized its anatomical fugitive sheet collection. “These anatomical fugitive sheets, which date from the early sixteenth to the mid-seventeenth centuries, are single sheets, similar to broadsides, that are unique in that they contain overlays or flaps that lift to reveal the inside of the human body.”

YouTube has launched a free resource site for musical artists. “Following this morning’s news regarding the launch a “Cards,” a system designed to eventually replace annotations on YouTube, the company also announced the launch of a new site called YouTube for Artists. The website aims to be more of guide to various resources available to music artists promoting their work on YouTube, and includes tips about how to get discovered, how to engage fans, and how to generate revenue, among other things.”


Feeling Irish on this St. Patrick’s Day? You can access these three Irish genealogy webinars for free through tomorrow.

From How To Geek: How to install Chrome Extensions in Opera and vice-versa.


Google has added more imagery to Street View. This time it’s the islands of Fernando de Noronha and Atol das Rocas.


Yahoo is moving towards end-to-end encryption for its e-mail product. “While at this stage we’re rolling out the source code for feedback from the wider security industry, our goal is to provide an intuitive e2e encryption solution for all users by the end of the year.”

David Strom has an excellent overview of data dashboards in various municipalities.

Apparently not even everybody at Facebook is comfortable with Facebook’s “Real Names” policy.

Lots and lots of chatter that YouTube will be launching a subscription service any second now. Good afternoon, Internet…

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