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A massive Abraham Lincoln Web site is not quite ready for prime time, but it’s gotten a temporary site. “Stacy Pratt McDermott, assistant director of the Papers of Abraham Lincoln, said the university is now allowing public access to the digitalized documents through a temporary website that offers few features. When the project is completed in two to four years, a more sophisticated site will offer acedemic researchers and history buffs in-depth search features.”

The Montana State University student newspaper is going to get an online archive.

The 1940s Guam census is now available online. “To use the search tool on the paper’s website, enter the first or last name of the person for whom you are searching, or both. The pulldown menu allows you to narrow your search by village, but you can leave it at “none” for an islandwide search. If your search yields any results, information about that person will appear, including their full name, their age in 1940, and the page number on which their name appears in the original census documents.”

Yale has launched a new online collection of about 850 hermeneutic texts (commentaries from Assyria and Babylonia). “It provides background information on the genre and a searchable catalog, as well as photos, drawings, and translations of individual commentary tablets. There is also an index of where each commentary originated. Some of the ancient commentaries are fragments, but others have several hundred lines, including one that has about 500 entries. Eventually, the website will provide fully annotated electronic editions of all known commentary tablets.”

A collection of 19th century artifacts is going online. “Museum Village, a living history museum in Monroe, has started posting a digital collection of its 19th-century artifacts on Hudson River Valley Heritage’s website. Hudson River Valley Heritage is a free digital library of historical resources contributed by libraries, museums and historical societies in the Hudson Valley. It is coordinated by the Southeastern NY Library Resources Council.”


From the always terrific Amit: a lighter-load-time way to embed YouTube videos.

From Four new tools for scholarly research.


HathiTrust is up to 5 million public domain ebooks.


Interesting article from Chris Abraham: France’s Google Isn’t Ours. “…I just know that it’s important to remember that not all countries are the same, not all technologies are rolling out everywhere outside of your trendy San Francisco coffeehouse or farmers market. That we live in a continuum of decades and technologies spanning the late 19th century all the way into a future where everyone is wearing an Apple iWatch, flying a drone, and shovelling every bit of our physiological, physical, geographical, and purchase data into the hungry maw of the capitalist data monster.”

Twitter’s new quote function has given rise to “Twitter tunnels”.

King George III private papers will be digitized and put in an online archive.

Hmmm! Is Yahoo testing non-Bing search results?


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