Poetry, Iowa, Trolls, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, April 18, 2015


Abbey Road is now on Google Street View.

The Internet Archive and CADAL are teaming up to digitize 500,000 academic texts. “The Chinese Academic Digital Associative Library (CADAL) is a consortium of over 70 Chinese University Libraries. CADAL will provide access to a leading set of libraries, the technical resources to display, and share the books inside China, as well as the staff needed for digitization. The Internet Archive will select the books, and provide equipment and processing resources. Both organizations will offer access and discovery tools for both scholars and citizen-scholars. Together, CADAL and the Internet Archive are contributing to a growing, global digital library.”

The State Historical Society of Iowa has made all the back issues of its quarterly publication available online for free. Nice.

The Library of Congress has started a new site with recordings of poetry and literature. “Available as streamed audio, the archive will launch online with 50 recordings. Additional material from the collection will be added on a monthly basis.”


Are you having trouble keeping up with all the different plans for providing public access to federally-funded research? there’s a great summary table here.

It ain’t just Facebook. Here’s a roundup of 91 social networks around the world.


Apparently Twitter has filed a bucketload of trademark applications. Did it coin the phrase “tweetstorm”?

Google’s starting a new program that will highlight kid-safe apps.

The EU has finally filed a formal antitrust complaint against Google. “The more confrontational route could mean years of legal wrangling — as well as fines worth billions. The EU can impose fines of 10 percent on annual revenue, or some $6 billion, and force the Mountain View, California, company to overhaul its system for recommending websites in Europe.”


I’ll take two, please: Scientists develop algorithm that can auto-ban trolls. “The broad profile of the [Future Banned User] as presented by the paper is that of a semi-literate, provocative and fairly persistent poster, whose descent into totally anti-social behaviour is summoned at inverse speed to that with which the host community rejects them, and whose final posts before a permanent ban are characterised by persistent and heated battle on a small number of topics.” Good afternoon, Internet..

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