NJ, NC, XP, More: Sunday Morning Buzz, April 19, 2015


Now available: an online archive of political speeches and ads from female candidates. “The archives include speeches Clinton made as secretary of state, New York’s first female U.S. senator and as first lady of Arkansas and the United States. Kelly Winfrey, a lecturer for the Catt Center, says to date there are nearly 2,000 speeches and political ads for more than 300 women candidates that are easily accessible through the online archives. All include a transcript of the text and many also feature video.”

Businesses in New Jersey have a new anti-fraud tool (PRESS RELEASE). “The new service automatically checks for legal business filings on a daily basis. Customers who sign up for the service indicate which businesses they wish to monitor, and designate the representatives who should receive filing alerts. For each business monitored, a text or email alert will be sent whenever the Division files a change or amendment.” If I’m reading the Web page correctly it costs $24 a year.

The state of North Carolina has an open data dashboard for reporters. Oh, this is ridiculous. I’m in love. “Open N.C. has collected information from nearly 9 million public records across the state and organized them into a single database that reporters can search from a simple Web interface. It’s a growing dataset, much of it updated daily. It also uses the records to look for patterns that might tip off reporters to potential story ideas.”


Google has released Chrome 42. “In addition to the usual list of security fixes (45 in total) and under-the-hood changes for stability and performance, Google’s latest release includes its new Push API and Notifications API.”

Another day, another pile of Flash and Java patches.


Google is dumping the old version of Google Maps. Sigh.

Tinder is hooking up with Instagram. Get it? Get it? This is what’s funny when you’ve had very little sleep for a week. “Tinder now also supports common connections, letting users see the degree to which they’re separated from a person based on the social graph, as well as presenting all Facebook interests instead of just common interests.”

Rumors are flying that Yahoo is going to buy FourSquare.

I learned a new word – Instaspam – from this article on how to protect yourself.

Google’s getting ready to launch Project Loon.

Still using XP? (Shudder.) Google has extended XP support for Chrome to the end of the year.

FamilySearch’s online book collection has reached its 200,000th volume milestone! Good morning, Internet…

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