Hip-Hop, RSS, Bing, More: Sunday Buzz, April 26th, 2015


Hey! Hip-hop albums in Google Street View. “Shout out to The Guardian for inspiring us to embark on our own journey through the streets of Google Maps to discover where some of our favorite hip hop album covers were shot. We did a lot of digging to find the exact location of these shots, so we hope you enjoy.”

Are we finally going to get an open, online database of clinical trials? “As announced by Open Knowledge yesterday, Open Trials ‘will aggregate information from a wide variety of existing sources in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the data and documents related to all trials of medicines and other treatments around the world.’ The database is funded by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation.”


If you use RSS, BoingBoing thinks you should try Feedly. I like NewsBlur, and Digg Reader, and I’m so glad that the idea of viable online RSS readers survived Google Reader’s rise and abrupt, undeserved death.

How-To Geek has a walkthrough on how to use Google’s ARC Welder to run Android apps in Chrome.

From TNW: The 14 best data visualization tools. Divided into resources for developers and non-developers.

From PC World (warning! PC World!) How to add music to your Google Slides presentation.


Twitter has launched a new Trends setup. “We recently launched a new trends experience on mobile and web. Certain users will now see additional context with their trends: a short description and at times an accompanying image. While building this new product experience, we also switched the entire trends backend system to a brand new platform. This is the largest engineering undertaking of the trends system since 2008.”


Bing is now pulling in detailed answers from third-party Web sites — just like Google! Ick ick ick.

Apparently more people are hipping to the fact that Google Maps’ editing policy is ridiculous. Thanks to a couple of unhappy Google Maps experiences I already knew this….

Is Yahoo going to launch a search and digital assistant this year? “The two people supposedly heading this project are Jeff Bonforte and Peter Monaco, both of whom are former heads of one of Yahoo’s acquisitions, Xobni, an app that organized the inboxes of Microsoft Outlook. A recent acquisition by Yahoo is an Android launcher called Aviate (now Yahoo Aviate) that predicts which apps you’ll be using during certain situations.”


Pinterest wants to predict where you’re gonna pin that cheese fries recipe.

Nate Silver is always a fun read: How Google searches can predict hockey ticket sales. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. With regard to RSS readers, which I also love, I like Netvibes. I like its organization and the fact that it accepts all of the feeds I create using

    Many, many thanks to you for all of the great material you share. You’re the highlight of my morning reads on Netvibes.

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