Genealogy, Pizza, Bing, More: Sunday Afternoon Buzz, May 17th, 2015


There’s a new genealogy search engine in town. “A new search engine that you’ll have to add to your genealogy research toolbox is the Top 100 Genealogy Sites Mega-Search located at Many Roads. The search engine will perform a keyword search across all of the top 100 genealogy websites for 2015 as noted by GenealogyInTime Magazine.”


Interesting: a PR Pro’s Guide to Reddit.


I have so much going on I am always trying to find a good task manager. At the moment I’m using and pretty happy with Wunderlist. And now it has an API.


Fast Company takes a look at how Twitter deals with harassment. “The majority of people who reported harassment did so on behalf of someone else. About 57% of the reports that WAM received came from either bystanders who witnessed someone else being harassed and reported it, or from delegates like an attorney or family member who reported harassment on behalf of the person being harassed.”

Sunday Silly: Domino’s is planning to let you order a pizza by tweeting for it.

This should be interesting: Facebook has hired a former FCC chair. “Kevin Martin, a former Federal Communications Commission chairman, has been named Facebook’s vice president for mobile and global access policy, Bloomberg reported Tuesday. Martin chaired the FCC for four years, starting in 2005 under President George W. Bush, after serving another four years as a commissioner for the federal agency.”

Is Google going to add buy buttons to its mobile search results? Oh, ew. Ew ew ew. Ew. Also, ew. “According to the report, Google will display buy buttons only on mobile devices and when users search for products. They will be part of sponsored (paid) search results within a ‘Shop on Google’ page.”

More Google: a legal group is asking Google for its “Right to be Forgotten” criteria.

Bing is going to shift to mobile-friendly rankings too. “The changes follow a similar move by Google which last month rolled out a change to its ranking algorithm which penalized sites that aren’t easily usable from mobile devices.” (ResearchBuzz, according to Google’s assessment tool, is mobile-friendly, and I have noticed no change in traffic.)

Reddit has introduced an anti-harassment policy. “The company announced on Thursday that it was updating its site-wide policies to explicitly prohibit harassment against users, a move that the company said would promote free expression on Reddit without fear of retribution from a vocal minority.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. That’s not a ‘new search engine’ – it’s just a custom google search.
    I understand it isn’t your fault, you were misled by the misinformation from

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