Hong Kong, Australia, Celtic Music, More: Short Friday Buzz, May 22nd, 2015


Google has put Hong Kong museums and heritage sites online. “The West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Hong Kong Medical Science Museum and St James’ Settlement were added to the online exhibition platform on Wednesday, joining the King of Kowloon street art exhibit launched in March.”

Western Australia has a new music archive. “The Western Australian New Music Archive (WANMA) is an evolving, permanent and fully online archive: the project seeks to collect, digitise and disseminate music recordings, video documentation and scores – in digital format and by pointing to other collections, not as hard copies. It draws material from the State Library of Western Australia catalogue, the National Library’s Trove and ABC Classic FM’s collection, as well as attracting contributions from the West Australian new music community.”

The US National Archives has a new collection of “unofficial” World War I photographs. “This series contains photographs obtained from the U.S. Army Signal Corps, Federal and State government agencies, as well as private sources, such as the American Red Cross and the Central News and Photo Service.”

Under development: a digital archive of Celtic music. “Through this project, the Beaton’s archival resources relating to the Celtic music traditions in Cape Breton Island will be identified and described, and readily available through”

Now available: a database of early Missouri prison inmates. “The site offers access to 62,758 inmate records, spanning the time from the prison’s opening in 1836 to 1931. The register identifies the names and ages of the prisoners, their crimes and sentences and the years they entered and were released from the prison.”


The US Library of Congress has a roundup article about new Web archive content available. “This is our first big release since we launched the first iteration of collections into this new interface, back in June 2013. The earlier approach to presenting archived web sites turned out to be a challenge to allow us to increase the amount of content available, so in a ‘one step back, two steps forward’ move, the interface has been simplified, and should be more familiar to those working with Web Archives at other institutions – item records point to archived web sites displaying in an open-source version of the Wayback Machine.”

Do you keep fifty zillion browser tabs open at one time? Do you find all your computer’s memory being eaten? Check out this Chrome extension to put browser tabs to sleep. “The Great Suspender lets you manage when tabs should be put ‘to sleep’ — anywhere from 20 seconds to three days. This means you can keep your email and 30 other tabs open in the background without slowing down your system, and then access those tabs again at any point.”



What happens when an alt-news weekly goes dark? Do its back issues get a digital archive? Maybe. Maybe not.

Is Google going to create its own OS for the Internet of Things?


Researchers claim that 500 million phones do not fully wipe data on factory reset. ” Researchers Ross Anderson and Laurent Simon also discovered they could find Google credentials on all devices with a flawed factory reset to access data from certain apps. And even when full disk encryption was turned on, there was enough data left that it was possible to recover the encryption key and unlock the phone.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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