Kentucky, Flickr, GoPro, More: Saturday Afternoon Buzz, May 30th, 2015


Here’s an entrant in the live-streaming app space you may not have heard of: Skeegle. “To get started, simply download the app for either Android or iOS, sign in using Facebook and link your mobile number. From there, you can build a list of friends using your phone’s contact list. When it comes time to stream something, just select the friend or group you want to share with and start broadcasting.”

Flickr has recently added two institutions to Flickr Commons: The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and the University of Victoria Libraries.

Another new round of resources from FamilySearch. “Notable collection updates include 2,807,806 indexed records from the England, London Electoral Registers, 1847–1913 collection; 190,879 indexed records from the US, Texas, Brownsville Passenger and Crew List of Airplanes, 1943–1964 collection; and 137,815 images from the Philippines, Index to Filipino Passengers Arriving at Honolulu, Hawaii, 1900–1952 collection.”


Facebook now has animated GIF support. has updated its Web site (PRESS RELEASE). “The new provides optimized search results, with corresponding agency and service cards. Results also highlight local, geotagged content in a responsive design that automatically adjusts to any device.”


(In)famous Twitter troll Chuck Johnson has gotten banned from Twitter. This has happened before; the unusual thing this time is that it appears to be permanent.

I’m sure there won’t be as many stories about this as there were when President Obama joined Twitter, but Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has joined Facebook.

Has Twitter been in talks to acquire Flipboard? “Those discussions, which have been pushed by Twitter CFO Anthony Noto, have been taking place since the beginning of the year, said sources, as the social communications giant has faced increasing pressure from Wall Street to grow its audience and innovate its products. But despite a flurry of activity more recently, sources said these talks between Twitter and Flipboard — who are partners on a number of different fronts — seem to be currently stalled.”

Oh, this should be interesting: GoPro and YouTube are teaming up.

Not too bad apparently: What it’s like to wear Google Glass in 2015.


According to Google, security questions aren’t that secure. That’s why I like the sites where you can make up your own. Good afternoon, Internet…

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