Kefauver, Yeats, Texas, More: Wednesday Morning Buzz, June 3rd, 2015


The University of Tennessee Libraries has launched an online archive of photographs from the collection of Estes Kefauver, a politician in the early-mid 20th century and twice a presidential candidate. “Kefauver’s victory in the New Hampshire primary during the 1952 presidential campaign prompted then-sitting President Harry Truman to withdraw from the race. In 1956 Kefauver bested John F. Kennedy to become the vice presidential candidate on the Democratic Party ticket, alongside presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson.”

The USGS has launched an interactive geologic map of Texas. “The new map viewer is an interactive web-based tool that allows a broad range of users to explore the geology of the Lone Star State at a scale of 1:250,000. Users can navigate the map with a simple click-and-point tool, or by using the location search tool to find common geographic place names, latitude/longitude coordinates and other areas of interest. The interactive map viewer allows users to turn data layers on or off, identify layers of interest and retrieve detailed information about each geologic formation, such as the feature name, geologic age and feature description.”

A Church of Ireland library in Dublin has launched an online archive dedicated to WB Yeats. “The RCB Library’s online exhibition will feature the baptismal and burial entries and other illustrative material documenting his Church of Ireland roots.”


WordPress has a new tool to show you the most popular times for your posts.


Google has demoed a functioning Project Ara smartphone. “Project Ara, which was announced last year, is a modular smartphone system that lets you swap out components such as a processor, camera, battery, and more without having to purchase an entirely new phone. Camargo built a phone by sliding modules into a frame, turned it on, then added a camera module and took a picture of the audience.”

The Chrome extension that tracked Facebook friends via Messenger has been axed.

The South Asian American Digital Archive has launched a Kickstarter to raise money for its first book.

YouTube is launching a dedicated hub for E3. “We are building out a dedicated E3 YouTube hub where you will be able to follow all the live streams and trailers from the event, starting on Sunday, June 14, with the Nintendo World Championships, followed by the Bethesda press conference and the unveiling of the latest installment in the ‘Doom’ series.”

Very recently, Barack Obama broke the world record for quickest time for 1 million followers on Twitter – five hours. That record was very quickly broken by Caitlyn Jenner, who achieved 1 million followers in four hours.

Still using Google+? There have been some changes to the terms of service.

A privacy app maker has filed an EU antitrust complaint against Google. “Disconnect, set up four years ago by former Google engineers, says its app protects users of the Android operating system from invisible tracking and malware distributed through advertisements. It said Google had abused its position by blocking the app from the Google Play store last year, and had gained an unfair advantage over competitors by integrating its own privacy and security services into its own products.”


Twitter was instrumental in spreading information about last year’s Ebola outbreak before the official announcement.

What’s the unhappiest brand on Twitter? Why, it’s Comcast. Good morning, Internet…

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