Canada, Bach, Skype, More: Friday Morning Buzz, June 5th, 2015


Canada has a new asset map for clinical trials. “The map provides information on conditions and diseases being studied, and identifies gaps. For example, a search for cardiology in the system, would allow you to see all the clinical sites involved in research in that domain on a Google map. The map also documents an investigator’s specialty, trial phase and the patient population. Registration is free, although user accounts have to be pre-approved by an administrator.”


How to ask a question on the Internet: Dave Winer wants to give you a boost.

Thinking about upgrading your Windows operating system? There’s an official compatibility checker to see if your computer can run Windows 10.

I’m more of a John Field gal, myself, but if you’re into Bach, you can download his complete organ works in one place. For free.


Skype for Web is now available in beta to users in the UK and US. “Now, anyone going to (or in the US and UK can sign in and connect to Skype for Web to get to their conversations in an instant without downloading the Skype app.”


You may remember me mentioning Wunderlist a couple of weeks as a good task manager. I should have kept my mouth shut, because Microsoft has acquired it. If it gets shut down I will throw a Daffy Duck.

More Google Glass in medical research. I hope this continues. Google just aimed Glass at the wrong market. “The Physical Therapy department of NSU recently submitted two research grant requests, both of which were specifically designed to utilize Google Glass – Google’s new wearable technology. The respective research will focus on the areas of student-patient interaction/clinical visits, fall prevention techniques, and balance training.”

Facebook has launched a new AI research center in Paris.


The Manchester School of Art’s physical slide archive is in danger of being discarded. In response, students have started the “Adopt a Slide” project.

The city of Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) has released a data visualization tool. First thing: parking tickets. Good afternoon, Internet…

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