Duke, Tumblr, SourceForge, More: Monday Morning Buzz, June 8th, 2015


Duke University has digitized the 1980s edition of the Duke Chronicle newspaper.


YouTube is offering “insights” for its musical artists. “Music Insights is a new tool that’s part of Google’s YouTube For Artists initiative to lend creators a hand. It shows the cities where a musician is most popular and which of their songs are most popular, as well as aggregates the views of all their own videos and those uploaded by fans that feature their songs recognized by Content ID.”

Tumblr is apparently getting its own version of an AMA. “Unlike Reddit’s AMA’s however, they aren’t completely live. Using Tumblr’s built in ‘Ask’ boxes, users can start asking the featured celebrities about all their deepest secrets a few days before they go live on the platform to start responding.”

You can now search for GIFs on Tumblr. “When you’re creating a Tumblr post, you can just click the new GIF button and a search box will pop up. Type in whatever you’re looking for, and Tumblr will theoretically return some perfectly looping results.”

Instapaper has launched Notes. I prefer Pocket but Instapaper is good. “With Notes, you can add text comments to highlighted passages directly in Instapaper. This feature is one of the reasons why I read in Instapaper even if an article looks good on the web.”

Russian search engine Yandex is getting into “radio” — ad-supported streaming music. “Yandex.Radio will be based around the same music catalog that forms the backbone of Yandex.Music, a service that costs the equivalent of around $5 per month for users to stream any track from the catalog.”


A Twitter ‘bot has been built for the sole purpose of congratulating people. Which is actually a pretty good purpose.

The state of Virginia is opening 70 miles of highway to self-driving cars. “The new Virginia Automated Corridors will be siturated in the north of the state and overseen by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute (VTTI). Anyone wanting to test a car on the public roads will have to submit their vehicle for testing on the Institute’s private smart roads, where they’ll be vetted for safety, reports Richmond Times-Dispatch.”

Google wants to calculate the calories in your Instagram food pictures. “Announced at the Rework Deep Learning Summit, the prospective tool called Im2Calories, aims to identify food snapped and work out the calorie content.”

Twitter and the NBA are teaming up for the NBA finals.

How-To Geek is now recommending that people avoid downloading from SourceForge if they can help it. This makes me very, very sad. “In 2012, Dice Holdings purchased SourceForge (and Slashdot) from Geeknet. In 2013, SourceForge enabled a feature named “DevShare.” DevShare is an opt-in feature developers can enable for their own projects. If a developer enables this feature, you’ll download their software from SourceForge to find that it’s been wrapped in SourceForge’s own installer, which pushes intrusive junkware onto your system. SourceForge and developers make money by foisting this software on you, just as practically every other download site and freeware distributor does on Windows.”

Google says it may unverify inactive Local Business listings. Of course ever since they’ve been bundled in with Google+ they’ve been a nightmare to manage. Good morning, Internet…

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