Video Watchdog, Google Sheets, Wikipedia, More: Tuesday Morning Buzz, June 16th, 2015

Question: do any of y’all use Tumblr? I’m thinking of using it for a ResearchBuzz linkblog so that I can put up and tag individual items. I don’t want to do that here since it would lead to 20+ posts a day and probably really, really irritate the people who are getting e-mail update notices! Leo Notenbloom and I are discussing this on Facebook; feel free to join us.


Aviation Week & Space Technology is getting a digital archive. “The digital archive, scheduled for completion in early 2016, will comprise more than 500,000 pages of articles, photographs and advertisements chronicling the first century of the aerospace and defense industry, unlocked and made available for the very first time. The archive will be dynamically updated into the future as new Aviation Week content is developed.”

The publication Video Watchdog is making its entire online archive free until the end of June.


Google is getting rid of Chrome’s horrible new bookmark manager.

More Google: Google Sheets is getting some nice updates. Love the filtering and the warning when users try to change locked content.


In case you’re looking for options: the 6 easiest video editing tools. The only one I’ve had any experience with is Animoto, but I have used that for literally years. If you’re looking for a Web app that will let you turn a bunch of pictures and video snippets into something that looks classy without it taking hours, Animoto is great. It needs more themes though.


Good heavens. Mega has published its first transparency report. “The report, which details activities up until March 2015, focuses on content removal requests and third-party requests for information related to Mega’s users.”

Google is launching an Android Security Rewards program. “Google has assigned a $500 bounty on ‘Moderate’ severity bugs, but will double that to $1,000 for ‘High’ severity and hand over $2,000 for ‘Critical’ bugs.”


Billionaire and Twitter investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal does not support Jack Dorsey as permanent CEO of Twitter. “The Saudi billionaire said Twitter needed a new leader with extensive marketing experience, who would prioritise winning new users.” Far be it from me to disagree with a prince… but I’m disagreeing with a prince. UPDATE: Prince Alwaleed thinks Jack Dorsey is totally awesome and would be super okay with him being Twitter CEO. He might have phrased it slightly differently.

Twitter is increasing its Direct Message limit to 10,000 characters.

Wikipedia is going to start using https connections for all users.

The Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry in India is setting up a digital library. “As per the official sources, e-content of every subject will be available to students in English, Hindi as well as other Indian languages. Students can easily access digital content through personal computer, laptop, smart-phone and tablet.” Three phases, first phase not complete until 2017, which is why it’s under this heading instead of “new resources.”

Wired: The Web Will Either Kill Science Journals or Save Them.


How do people even get around to thinking about these things? The most persuasive font. Good morning, Internet…

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