England, Volcano, Museums, More: Friday Morning Buzz, June 19th, 2015


Here’s a headline I never expected to read: BuzzFeed has launched a news app. With customizable alerts. “But there are touches that make this more than a simple repackaging of BuzzFeed’s journalistic side. For one thing, the feed isn’t just the usual combination of headlines and photos — there are also embedded tweets, pull quotes, related stories, bullet point summaries and timelines that give broader context to the news.”

The area of Sefton in England now has a digital photo archive. “The project, called Sefton Looking Back, has been set up by Sefton Council’s Library Service using old archive photographs dating from 1850 to present day. More than a thousand images are currently on the site with historic images of Bootle, Crosby, Formby, Maghull and Southport all available to view with more regularly added.”

A man after my own heart has recreated the Statistical Atlas of the United States using current data. “The first Atlas, by Francis A. Walker, was published in 1874 using the data from the prior 1870 Census. Counting cover, credits, and all that, it was 56 pages. I got to thinking, hey, I could do that. And if I did, I wouldn’t have to be annoyed anymore. So I recreated the original Statistical Atlas of the United States with current data. I used similar styling, and had one main rule for myself. All the data had to be publicly available and come from government sites.”


Google Street View: now featuring the Mount Etna volcano.


I had no idea YouTube SEO was a thing. Here’s a guide.

Canva: 12 Common Image Formatting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.


LastPass had a security breach, but appears to have quickly recovered.

LinkedIn’s private bug bounty program isn’t private anymore. “Since October, it has been running a private bug bounty program that it says has helped its application security team weed out less critical bugs and focus on submissions largely from researchers already participating in its vulnerability disclosure process.”


Amazon has patented its own “smart glasses,”, but apparently it’s going straight for the industrial applications.


Museum Hack took a look at successful museums on Instagram. “This past May, Diana and Dustin took an in-depth review of what museums are doing successfully on Instagram. They kept score by doing some light internet stalking and compiled the five most popular posts from our favorite institutions. They’ve added some commentary on what made these posts particularly popular.”

A summer research project is being done on Reddit moderating. “This spring, I’ve been reading extensively about digital labor and citizenship online, including the story of over 30,000 AOL community leaders who facilitated online communities in the 90s. With Reddit pushing for profitability and promising new policies on online harassment, I thought that potential tensions arising this summer might offer an important lens into the work of moderators, at a time when listening to mods and recognizing their work would be especially important. ”


Interesting reading from WGBH: The museums of 2035. Good morning, Internet…

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