Short Sunday Buzz, June 28th, 2015


Indiana Modernist residence Miller House and Garden Now has an online archive.
“The robust digital collection contains 17,699 downloadable images, including architectural drawings, material samples, photographs and administrative documents related to the history of the property. The archive spans more than 50 years, from the initial planning and construction of the house to later renovations and interior design projects.”


Interesting: using Twitter to detect earthquakes. “The Tweet Earthquake Dispatch (TED) system uses an API that compiles tweets based on keywords such as “earthquake” and its equivalent in multiple languages. Specifically, the API searches for significant increases in tweets containing the keywords. In addition to searching for keywords, the API has parameters to remove tweets that are more than 7 words, contain numbers, the ‘@’ symbol and words such as ‘http,’ ‘predict,’ ‘drill,’ and ‘song’ to eliminate tweets that are not related to an actual earthquake.”

Roundup from Hongkiat: 20 Free VPN Services.


.GOV credentials are being found in hacker dumps. “The security intelligence firm Recorded Future on Wednesday released a report that details its scouring of online email addresses and passwords revealed when hacker groups breach third party websites and dump their booty on the web. Searching through those user data dumps from November 2013 to November 2014 on public websites like Pastebin—not even on dark web sites or private forums—Recorded Future found 224 government staffers’ data from 12 federal agencies that don’t consistently use two-factor authentication to protect their basic user access.”


Apparently Facebook’s real name policy is not doing much to protect its vulnerable populations. “Despite Facebook’s insistence that its ‘real names’ policy keeps its users safe, a new report reveals that Facebook is the least safe place for women online….The report found that nearly all (99 percent) the responding programs reported that Facebook is the most misused social media platform by abusers. Facebook is a key place for offenders to access information about victims or harass them by direct messaging or via their friends and family. The respondents included national domestic violence programs, sexual assault programs, law enforcement, prosecutor’s offices and civil legal services.”


Google has apparently made a chatbot to discuss the meaning of life and answer questions. If it’s anything like Google search, it’ll autocorrect questions into things I didn’t actually want the answer to…

Buffer did a big study to discover the best times to Tweet. This is an enormous article so I’m not even going to try to quote it.

From Boy Genius Report: The top 30 most-edited Wikipedia articles. doesn’t surprise me but some of the others are downright weird. “The Undertaker”? “List of Ben 10 aliens”? Good evening, Internet…

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