Anglo-Saxons, Chrome, Instagram, More: Short Saturday Afternoon Buzz, November 21st, 2015


The British Library has started a new digitizing project for Anglo-Saxon books. “The British Library possesses the largest collection of Anglo-Saxon manuscripts in the world. Many of these manuscripts are already available via our Digitised Manuscripts website, and we are delighted to announce that dozens more will be added in the coming months as part of a new digitisation project. These manuscripts will include the B, D, and F versions of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, manuscripts with early musical notation, Archbishop Wulfstan’s letter book, laws, saints’ lives, early manuscripts of Ælfric’s writings, charms, and medical recipes.”


Gizmodo has a story on 10 tricks for Chrome. is incredibly handy (and I’m shocked more people don’t know about it!) has saved my bacon more than once.

If you do a lot of Instagram work, you might want to check out The Next Web’s write up on Stribr, which kind of looks like HootSuite or TweetDeck for Instagram. It is a paid service, but it offers all kinds of management features and promises to include scheduling in the future.


Downloads of open access materials from MIT have hit a new monthly peak. Hooray for open access.

Digg has gotten a new round of funding. I’m thrilled to hear it. Digg has an excellent RSS feed reader, and I love the way they’ve designed the Digg Dialog series.

Bing is predicting the winners of the American Music Awards (AMAs). Hey, I actually know who some of these people are! Wow! Good afternoon, Internet…

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