Short Saturday Buzz, November 28th, 2015


The National Library of New Zealand has uploaded another 3500 photos to the Flickr Commons. For you programming nerds there’s a lot of background on how Reuben Schrader used Python to get this done.


Hey! Is Google Glass going to become Google Monocle? “The device appears to rest on one side of the face, tucking over one ear with the display perched just above the eye. Images are included with documentation for the new patent, titled ‘Wearable Device with Input and Output Structures.'” Mr. Peanut is a dangerous cyborg assassin in the USA Network thriller LEGUME DOWN EASY.

The “Charlie Hebdo” Twitter account has been banned throughout Russia. “A municipal court in Chechnya has banned the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo’s Twitter account. The court’s ruling is dated November 23, 2015. In accordance with Russian federal law, the ban is effective nationwide.” This is actually kind of confusing because the account is apparently being banned for offensive material released in November. But the official Hebdo account hasn’t tweeted since January, so….

It’s not often I will link to a press release just to heap praise on it but wow, did The Arizona Department of Transportation do a beautiful job communicating the dangers of drunk driving. The AZDOT put up a sign on the highway and then handled the social media part so gracefully. It starts with peas and guacamole…


Oh look, another Lenovo security problem. “Last week, the company released version 5.07.0019 of Lenovo System Update, a tool that helps users keep their computers’ drivers and BIOS up to date and which was previously called ThinkVantage System Update. The new version fixes two local privilege escalation vulnerabilities discovered by researchers from security firm IOActive.”

Google has released a report about the links it’s removed under Right to Be Forgotten ruling. “On the whole, Google says it has evaluated 1,235,473 URLs for removal after receiving 348,508 separate requests. Of those, it has removed 441,032 URLs. Google chose not to remove 608,169 URLs; the other 186,272 are pending review or require additional information from the user.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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