Archaeology, History, Army Chaplains, More: Tuesday Buzz, January 19, 2015


The Digital Archaeology Commons has been launched. “…the DAC is designed to support work and community building around digital methods and practice in archaeology and closely related fields. We also hope that the DAC will encourage the permeability of the boundaries between digital work in the various streams of archaeological practice (anthropological archaeology, humanist archaeology, etc). We also hope that the DAC will encourage discussion around digital archaeology topics between archaeologists and closely related fields (museum studies, art history, history, etc). Joining is easy – just click on the Account Signup button in the main page.”

Similarly, the National Archives has just launched the History Hub. “This new platform may be thought of as an external collaboration network, a place where subject matter experts from the National Archives can engage with researchers and the public, to share information, work more easily together, and find people based on their experience and interests. The platform offers discussion boards, blogs, profiles, and other interactive tools for communication and collaboration.”

The Museum of Army Chaplaincy’s Interview Record Card collection has been digitized and put online. “Part of the extensive archive at the Museum contains 9,000 irreplaceable and historically important Chaplain Interview Record Cards from World War One… They relate to Anglican clergy between October 1914 and November 1918 who applied to become Temporary Chaplains to the Forces. The cards track a prospective Chaplain’s recruitment process, including whether the application was successful or not.”


Facebook has removed the ability to keep your name out of its search. “Like it or not, you can no longer hide your Facebook profile from search results. Facebook has removed the privacy setting that allowed users to prevent others from searching for them by name on the site.”


If you’re comfortable poking around in the Windows registry, you can shut up the Windows 10 upgrade reminders.

Donyae Coles at the Red Ferret has a writeup on DiziVizi, which lets you search for videos by location. I tried this with my town and found a lot of videos on college campuses. Interesting.

Amit Agarwal has a roundup of over 30 useful tools for Twitter. Amit does good stuff!

One for me, the font snob: a roundup of 60 free calligraphy fonts.


Looks like Twitter had a downtime problem today. (Back up fine as far as I can tell.) “It was not clear early on Tuesday morning what had caused the problems. Twitter said in a blog post that it was aware of the shutdowns, which were preventing many of its more than 300 million users from sharing updates on their smartphones, computers and other mobile devices.”

Hey! Did you know Museum Selfie Day is January 20th? “Love it or hate it, the selfie is still going strong. So why not just love it? Grab your phone (or camera, if you’re fancy) and get yourself to a museum on January 20 for #MuseumSelfie Day. London museum blogger Mar Dixon started the one-day event in 2014 after making several museum trips with her young daughter, she told CNN in 2015.”

The government of Bangladesh is putting together a national prisoner database. “A computerised database of all inmates in the country’s 68 prisons would be developed soon by the Directorate of Prisons and Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) to store detailed information about each of the inmates, Additional Inspector General of Police (prison) Colonel Fazlul Kabir told a press conference at the prison directorate yesterday.”

Twitter apparently has dedicated apps for the celebrities who use its service. The rest of us joyless proles? Enjoy your TweetDeck. (Actually I quite like TweetDeck.) Good morning, Internet…

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