Green River, U of Miami, Qatar, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, January 25, 2016


Green River College, in Washington state, has digitized its student newspaper and put it online. “To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Green River College, Holman Library has developed a digital archive of the school newspaper, The Current. The collection contains scanned copies back to the first issue, which was published in the fall of 1965, up to 1999 or later. More recent issues are being added regularly.”

Interesting idea: the University of Miami has recently launched a database of alumni -owned and -operated businesses in Florida. “The community can use the interactive database to browse hundreds of businesses by region, industry, or alphabetical listing.”

The country of Qatar has launched an online database of medicines available there. “The Supreme Council of Health (SCH) has launched the first Qatar National Formulary (QNF), a digital format about the information of the medicines approved in the country. The QNF will enable physicians, clinical staff and the general public to access the latest information … on more than 4,800 medicines available in the country.”

The National Overseas Archives of France have put a database called Ulysse online. It contains a lot of information and documents relating to the French colonial empire, but the blog post I’m linking to is concerned mostly with Vietnam. “These materials document on one side the history of French colonial empire, but on the other side they are a rich source for the study of Vietnamese traditions and everyday life in historical perspective. The materials mainly originate from public records (state secretariats and departments that managed colonies from the seventeenth century until the mid-twentieth century, general government offices, etc.) and private archives, but also from donations, purchases, and bequests.”


From Snopes: 6 Quick Ways to Spot Fake News.

I hope you don’t ever need this, but just in case: How to preserve your phone’s battery life during a power outage.

Hongkiat always has good roundups: 30 Free Online Photos, Videos & Music Editors

JoomDev has an interesting demographic: a visual history of Google Algorithm updates. I’m not very into SEO, but it’s interesting to see the problems which have emerged and been addressed over time.


Flickr, as you might expect, is curating pictures from Snowmageddon 2016.


Wow! I had no idea the world’s oldest Torrent is over 12 years old! “The torrent file of The Matrix ASCII was created more than 12 years ago (4,419 days) on December 20, 2003. Even though the original site is no longer online, it still has 8 active seeders at the time of writing.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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