Peach, Google Street View, Periscope, More: Wednesday Buzz, January 27, 2016


Social Media app Peach now has a Web version. “The web version doesn’t offer nearly as much functionality as the iPhone app. You can view your feed, write new text posts and like or comment on your friends’ posts. The app’s signature ‘magic words,’ however, don’t yet work on the web.”

Google has put the Israel National Trail on Google Street View. “Google and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel launched on Sunday a project under which the entire length of the Israel National Trail has been photographed and mapped, using the ‘Straight View’ method. This is the longest trail ever covered using this method of mapping and photography, spanning 1,100 kilometers.”

Looks like Cambridge University is also going on Google Street View. “The behind-the-scenes shots provide 360-degree views in buildings such as the spectacular Old Library at St John’s College, dating back to the 1620s and regarded as one of the finest university libraries in the world, and the beautiful part-14th century chapel at Gonville and Caius, the oldest purpose-built college chapel still in use in Cambridge.”

Looks like Google has killed off Google+ photo search? “Google+ Search, at least searching for photos within Google+, has stopped working.”

You can now live-stream with Periscope, using a GoPro. Mashable takes a look. “Before we even started Periscoping, we ran into a few realizations. First, only the GoPro Hero 4 Black and Silver are supported; GoPro’s newest Hero 4 Session and other action cameras aren’t. Secondly, the updated Periscope app is iOS-only; Android users can’t get in on the fun.”


The European Space Agency (ESA) needs your help in refining selection tests for astronauts. “Trainers at ESA’s European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany, have developed a test that runs users through increasingly complicated spatial awareness puzzles, measuring an important factor in a candidate’s aptitude for space travel. And the group is expanding its methodology to include the general public.”

You’ll understand why people are so upset about the tax bill Google’s paying in the UK when you read this article about Google’s offshore cash funds. “Google is poised to confirm next week that controversial tax structures in Ireland, the Netherlands and Bermuda have boosted its offshore cash mountain to more than $43bn (£30bn), figures from financial analysts suggest.”

Matt Cutts is, as far as I know, still on leave from Google. But that doesn’t stop him from having some comments on the latest algorithm update. “Matt Cutts of Google who is still on leave as far as we know, was on TWIG #336 and he spent about 15 minutes going through the core updates, Penguin, the webmaster team and more. It starts at the one hour and three minute and forty-five second mark and lasts through one hour and sixteen and forty-five second mark.”

Looks like Google has shut down all the social media accounts for Google Glass. Okay, now let’s get the enterprise edition going…


Digital Trends has a very scary story about how easy it is for an Amazon account to be hacked. “It turns out if you want to break into someone else’s Amazon account, you don’t need to know their password, mother’s maiden name, or what their first pet was called. You just need to keep asking for information. That’s what happened with the case of Eric Springer, who found that Amazon customer support had handed over his personal information with just some gentle prodding.” Good grief, Amazon.


News Whip took a look at how US Presidential candidates are using Instagram. “We compiled data on Democrat and Republican candidates with a verified Instagram presence*. Analysing their activity over a 53-day period from 1st December 2015 to 22nd January 2016, here are some of the key insights.” Good morning, Internet…

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