Why I Love Pocket

I have mentioned in ResearchBuzz from time to time the tools that make doing this blog easier. They change and evolve as different things become available, but right now the big three are Nuzzel, Digg Reader, and Pocket.

The third, Pocket, is the one that ties the first two together. I spend a certain amount of time using Nuzzel (I have to limit myself so I can get other things done!) and anything I see that’s interesting goes into Pocket for later review. If I only have a spare 10-15 minutes in Digg Reader, I save links I want to follow up on to Pocket. Pocket makes it possible for me to review a lot of information sources, and organize/store the results in a useful way.

Pocket has just sent me my reading stats – the number of words I read using Pocket – in 2015.

Pocket Reading Stats, 2015

I read 4,100,383 words in Pocket in 2015, or just a skosh less than 11234 words per day. Of course, I couldn’t use everything I saved, but a lot of what I found and reviewed this way made it into ResearchBuzz.

I happily pay the $44.99 annual subscription for Pocket. The amount of time it saves me is worth much, much more than that.

Of course, gathering and blogging what I find is pretty pointless unless someone is reading it and making use of it, so a big thank you to YOU, for reading and commenting and liking and sharing. I hope the information you find in ResearchBuzz makes your life at least a little bit easier/more interesting/more productive.


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