Ireland Catholics, Golf, Search Operators, More: Monday Buzz, February 15, 2016


Ancestry will launch an archive of Irish Catholic registers. “The collection is made up of Baptism, Marriage and Burial records from over 1,000 Catholic parishes across the whole of the island of Ireland – both in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Baptism and Marriage records make up the majority of the collection and Burial records can be found primarily for parishes in the northern regions.” This collection is expected to go online next month.

Yahoo is teaming up with the PGA for free golf coverage. “Teeing off today with the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am, you can now stream Featured Holes coverage from PGA TOUR LIVE during the early rounds of tournaments, such as THE PLAYERS Championship and the FedExCup Playoffs, around the world, for free on Yahoo.”


Uh-oh. Looks like Google’s goofing around with the link: operator. No details yet. “Last night, Bill Hartzer spotted that the link operator, i.e. [] no longer returns results. Well, he is right, for some domains but for others, it does seem to work.”

The Digital Library of Georgia has updated its Milledgeville historic newspapers collection. “The Milledgeville Historic Newspapers Archive is now compatible with all current browsers and provides access to issues from 1808 to 1920 without the use of plug-ins or additional software downloads. Consisting of over 49,000 newspaper pages, the website provides historical images that are both full-text searchable and can be browsed by date.”

Yahoo is splitting off Tumblr’s ad sales unit into a separate force. Apparently the attempt to combine it with the rest of Yahoo’s ad sales didn’t work. “In January 2015, Mayer made the decision to combine Tumblr’s sales team with Yahoo’s broader sales organization. It wasn’t a popular move. A lot of Tumblr people were upset because it contradicted a promise Mayer had made in 2013, when the acquisition was announced, that she would keep Tumblr independent to not ‘screw up’ the microblogging site’s own unique culture.”


When I was checking my traps a couple of weeks ago I noticed that Dr. Emilee Rader was giving a talk called “How the Facebook News Feed Algorithm Affects User Beliefs & Behavior”. Now a lecture like that is right up my street! Unfortunately the talk wasn’t; Dr. Rader is in Michigan and I am in North Carolina. I e-mailed and asked if she would be making a transcript of her talk available on a blog, or if the presentation would be put online. Dr. Rader responded and has graciously put the completed video up on the event’s Web page. The last five minutes of the Q&A session lost audio, and you’ll have to make the video full-screen so you can see what’s on the screen, but I’m looking forward to watching this. Thanks, Dr. Rader!

James Tanner takes a look at the many geolocation features at What a wealth of research opportunities for genealogists.

Roundup from Techno Nutty: Top 14 best free video editing software for Windows 7/8/10.


Uh-oh. Is SoundCloud in trouble? “The Berlin-based audio social network has been the darling of independent producers and DJs worldwide who use it to share and comment on each other’s work. But like some startups, it has struggled to turn its massive user base into meaningful revenue. As a ‘freemium’ service, most people use the site without paying.”

Instagram is predicting Grammy winners. “Last week, Instagram released its first-ever predictions for the Grammy award winners. The photo-sharing network aggregated the number of mentions each nominated musician received since the nominations were announced in December.”


From TechCrunch: imagining Snapchat’s future. “Snapchat could be used by over 1 billion daily active users in time and substantially accelerate how many videos and photos people share and consume. But there’s more to be done and questions to be answered.”

More Snapchat: apparently its ephemeral nature makes interactions more personal. “The ephemeral design of the social media app Snapchat encourages intensely personal conversations between users, according to a study jointly conducted by the Social Media Lab of Natalie Bazarova, assistant professor of communication, and the ReImagination Lab of Dan Cosley, associate professor of information science. Researchers interviewed a group of 25 Snapchat-using Cornell students and found that they enjoy interaction in which they can be their true selves.” Good morning, Internet…

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