Google Web Search Is Starting To Suck

Mahmoud Al-Qudsi at NeoSmart notes that Google search is kind of starting to suck. “As most people are aware, Google search results are constantly changing and evolving. In the past couple of years, there has been a conscious and very deliberate shift – and not just by Google – to go from showing you what you want to see to showing you what they want you to see…. in the past week or so, I’ve personally picked up on a rather annoying and dramatic uptick in incidences of Google’s penchant for – much like a three year old – understanding perfectly-well what it is that you want and pointedly doing anything but that.”

Personally I think Google has stopped caring that much about Web search; that’s the only reason I can imagine that the YouTube search function has been so horrible for years and years. (Facebook and YouTube are at the top of the video game – a media type that is supposed to explode in popularity in the next few years – and search on both properties stinks. Yay.)

As Mr. Al-Qudsi notes, Google has started removing words from search queries and putting “Missing: Search Term” under individual results. This is annoying. You can fix it by clicking on Search Tools under the search box, and then click on the All results option. You’ll have the option to choose All Results or Verbatim. Choosing Verbatim will, as far as I can test, eliminate the missing-word search results. If you’d rather hack the URL, I tested adding &tbs=li:1 and that seemed to invoke verbatim search results as well.

Using Google's "Verbatim" Option

Google has branched out from its beginnings in search to dozens and dozens of enterprises – robots, AI, health, etc. And let’s face it: self-driving cars are a lot sexier and get a lot more media attention than a search engine for the content of the Web. And what’s the big deal about a search engine for the Web, anyway? It’s only essential for finding the content of the open Web, as more and more attempts at “walled gardens” like Facebook keep coming forward. It’s only critical for discovery of content by those publishers who refuse to give in to those walled gardens.

That’s all.

No big.

5 thoughts on “Google Web Search Is Starting To Suck

  1. I, too, think Google has stopped caring about providing the best possible web search results and find a lack of focus and consistency (on so many levels) increasingly frustrating. A friend and I were discussing the state of google SERPs yesterday afternoon and wondering if it’s nearly prime time for DuckDuckGo or Bing or a whole new player to step in and ramp it up and take over the general web search market share by concentrating on search.

  2. Google search started to suck a long time ago. They don’t care about search, and haven’t since the mid 0’s I reckon. If you think it thru, if they are good at search, you get what you want, and leave. No money for big G. if you don’t find what you want, you’re more likely to look at ads, and that makes their money. So it’s a basic paradox for them. Secondly, the emphasis has moved away from the traditional site/page concept and more towards social media. Google has never understood social media because it listens to its engineers, not end users. It can’t create the walled garden that Facebook can, and the only reason that G isn’t already crashing and burning is because Facebook is even worse at search than Google.

  3. I love the author’s sarcasm that getting poor search results for the un-walled internet is no biggie. I’ve written about this same issue, Google intentionally degrading web search & more in my piece entitled. “HOW TO SEARCH THE INTERNET PLUS GOOGLE’S EVIL POLITICS AND CONTROL OF THE WORLD’S KNOWLEDGE – A VERY BRIEF INTRODUCTION.” It’s a blog post at my website: Here is a direct link to this piece:

  4. That’s what happens when a capitalist marketing company is in control of things. It’s all about making more money instead of providing actual, useful information. Pardon my French, but fuck Google.

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