Irish Letters, College Radio, Google Chrome, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, March 4, 2016


An online archive of Irish letters written between late 1915 and late 1916 have been launched. “Letters written between 1 November 1915 and 31 October 1916 were digitised to create this unique collection which will be of great interest not only to historians and genealogists, but anybody who wants to find out what people were writing in Ireland, as well as how people outside of Ireland viewed events here….To date Letters of 1916 has collected over 2500 letters from 25 institutions and 45 private collections.” The archive is looking for help with transcriptions, as well.

In development: an online archive for college radio. “The College Radio Archive is an experiment to discover and provide access to recordings, program guides, photographs, flyers and other materials related to the history of college radio.” The developer, Elizabeth Hansen, is looking for college radio-related materials; contact her if you can help.


Does your Google Chrome installation look a bit different this morning? There’s a reason for that. “Chrome 49 was released overnight and it contained a breaking change for extensions that means they’re all forced out of the address bar and moved next to the hamburger button instead.”

Spotify and Facebook Messenger are teaming up. “Spotify’s addition to Messenger is seamless. Hit the ‘more’ dots icon in the lower righthand corner, select Spotify, and you can choose from the song that’s currently playing, recently played songs, or opt to search for any song in Spotify’s library. When you tap on a song in Messenger, it instantly pops open Spotify and starts playing.”


MakeUseOf has a roundup of tools to manage subtitles and closed captions on YouTube. “…for all the potential usefulness of Closed Captions and subtitles, they can still be hard to come by on YouTube. Transcribing YouTube videos can be time-consuming or expensive. Thankfully, there are a good number of tools out there for making the most out of your Closed Captions and subtitles on YouTube. Whether you’re a Creator looking to make your content more accessible, or a viewer who prefers or needs subtitles/CC, we’ve got you covered in this list.”


Friday Fun: Link is hanging out in Google Street View. “Good news for those of you looking for a way to celebrate the re-release of ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ on Wi iU — Google has you covered.”

Gizmodo has an overview of Facebook at Work. “Like regular Facebook, the newsfeed can be adjusted to the user’s preference, but it will mostly contain group updates, according to Vanessa Chan, who heads up communications for Facebook at Work. Chan also told Gizmodo that users will be able to trade the recently introduced Facebook Reactions with their coworkers. Prepare for an influx of ironic reactions from that one guy in sales who is almost certainly the cousin of the worst person in your freshman year philosophy class!” I am actually looking forward to Facebook at Work for managing my team, which is located in three separate cities. We’re a small company though and I suspect I won’t be able to afford it.


Interesting: a doctor is using Facebook to research surgery outcomes. “UW plastic surgeon Dr. Ahmed Afifi performs a migraine relief surgery that’s fairly new, and wanted to know how it was working for his patients. So, he went to Facebook. He searched some support groups and migraine relief pages, and turned six months of patient posts into data. When he analyzed the results, they surprised him.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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