What’s With This “Rent Out Your Facebook Account” Craigslist Ad?

I was going through my Google Alerts and found a very odd Craigslist ad:

Odd Craigslist Ad

The ad was from http://seattle.craigslist.org/see/dmg/5508562124.html (still active after approximately 16 hours, at this writing) and starts out:

Are you an Active FB user? Do you also have a home computer/internet connection? If so, then you most likely qualify to make $100.00 from my company for less than 20 minutes of your time.

There’s an URL in it connected to the domain rentfb.com . According to Whois.SC, it was registered in mid-February, and a search for “rentfb.com” on Google doesn’t return much aside from domain information sites…

Except Craigslist. Run a search for rentfb.com site:craigslist.org and you’ll see a whole lot of advertising going on:

RentFB Ads on Craigslist

(… and no, Google, I did not mean RENT)

Since the ad asks for zip code I suspect this is advertising-targeting or otherwise geography-based, but I don’t know enough about playing Facebook to have an idea.

Anybody seen this? Any thoughts?

UPDATE: I posted this story at 13:33 and Google had it indexed for the search term rentfb.com within five minutes. Yow.

Google indexing RentFb.com

5 thoughts on “What’s With This “Rent Out Your Facebook Account” Craigslist Ad?

  1. I think it is a scam. I answered a Craigslist rent your ad space on Facebook. They never went into my account it was painless. BUT I never got the promised $175. (now $150) I have sent emails etc… and nothing. So don’t waste your time, it is a scam.

  2. I am currently “investigating” the situation. I signed up with FBbucks to see if it is legit or a scam. The sites you work through appear to be legitimate. However, once I had my business site up to their code and running, I have not heard back from them. Nor have I received the promised 24 hour payment. Communication stopped once they told me I did a good job setting up the Business side to their specifications. I have decided to give them until Tuesday before I shut down my business page and start reporting them as scam. I’m doing this because communication stopped around the end of work business hours on Friday. I have not heard from them in response to my queries for payment since. Monday is Labor day. So I figure I will wait until end of business Tuesday before I start destroying their name. So far, that business page has generated nearly 350 likes, all from what appears to be the Middle East. I don’t know what they are ding but I’m having an interesting time trying to figure it out.
    My FB account has very limited information of me, and I have Webroot running to detect any malware/virus that may pop up. So far, 3 days in, my computer is clean.
    There is the chance this could be legit. However, I am leaning far more towards Scam.

    Here is the page I created for them: https://www.facebook.com/HealthNutLovePage/?notif_t=page_fan&notif_id=1472882868935586

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