Vivaldi, DuckDuckGo, Android Emulators, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, April 6, 2016


Version 1.0 of the new browser Vivaldi is now available. Vivaldi is brought to you by the co-founder of the Opera browser. “For power users, Vivaldi offers features like customizable keyboard shortcuts and a optional command line-like interface, support for mouse gestures, tab stacks, and plenty of customization options (want your tabs on the bottom or the right side of the window? Vivaldi will happily oblige, for example). The browser uses Google’s Blink engine and lets you use Chrome extensions, too.” Oh, this does sound like fun.


DuckDuckGo is adding instant answers for Major League Baseball. “Privacy search engine DuckDuckGo shared news via a tweet yesterday that it is now displaying Major League Baseball scores and upcoming game schedules via instant answers with content pulled from the Bleacher Report.”


From Hongkiat: Top 5 Android Emulators For Your Desktop. I had no idea there were so many, and a couple here actually work in Linux! Yay!

Hey, cURL! MakeUseOf: Get cURLy: 10 Useful Things You Can Do With cURL. Some of this is just the equivalent of hanging spoons off your nose, but cURL can come in handy.

From The Social Media Examiner: How to Automate the Discovery of Twitter Leads. Now that sounds like it’s sales, which is blah, but if you pay attention to the first part of the article it walks you through thinking about advanced Twitter queries and then using IFTTT to get automated notifications about them, which is useful. So read that bit and skip the second part about responding to people on Twitter, if you like.

From Six Revisions: The five best FTP clients. I’ve been using FileZilla for years, it’s good stuff.


I mentioned yesterday that Google/Nest is shutting down the Revolv hardware system — ffft! — with not many options for users. As you might expect that decision is getting a lot of pushback, and now the company is being a bit softer and gentler. “We contacted Nest PR and were told that Nest has been working ‘on a case-by-case basis’ to find the best resolution for affected users, which it says could involve compensation.”

Investigators are using Instagram to find hidden wealth. “Leading cybersecurity firms said they were using evidence from social media in up to 75% of their litigation cases, ranging from billionaire divorces to asset disputes between oligarchs, with the online activity of super-rich heirs frequently providing the means to bypass their family’s security.”


Dum-de-dum, another emergency Flash patch, anyone? And it’s zero-day, too! “Adobe is working on an emergency patch for its Flash Player after attackers are reportedly exploiting a critical flaw. The vulnerability, CVE-2016-1019, affects Flash Player version on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS, according to an advisory published on Tuesday.”

Looks like the Trump Hotels payment systems have been breached… again. “KrebsOnSecurity reached out to the Trump organization after hearing from three sources in the financial sector who said they’ve noticed a pattern of fraud on customer credit cards which suggests that hackers have breached credit card systems at some — if not all — of the Trump Hotel Collection properties.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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