OSHA, Colors, NFL Video, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, May 13, 2016


The US Labor Department’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will start reporting workplace injuries online. This will only be for companies considered to be in hazardous industries. “Starting in July 2017, employers will be required to electronically submit information to OSHA about injuries and illnesses stemming from their workplaces. OSHA will then post the information online.”

You can have trouble distinguishing colors on the Web but not be colorblind. A new tool aims to held designers identify which color palettes are most accessible. “Christopher Brooks, [University of Michigan] research assistant professor of information, and colleagues surveyed more than 30,000 people to examine how dim conditions and bright sunlight, in addition to varied abilities, can influence how people differentiate color. The researchers then used the survey results to develop ColorCheck, a web tool that can help digital designers see what colors large swaths of their audiences can’t. The software compares color pairs and tells designers what portion of an image’s hues certain percentages of the population can and can’t tell apart. ColorCheck also pinpoints trouble spots on an image by laying a mask of black pixels over them.”


NFL fans, here you go: the NFL is uploading a lot of content to YouTube, including full games. “The NFL has renewed its ‘strategic partnership’ with YouTube — a bit of boring-sounding news that has exciting consequences for football fans: it means more NFL content online. As part of the deal, the NFL will be uploading a number of classic games in full to YouTube. There will be three games for each of the NFL’s 32 clubs, and the league is promising these will include ‘some of the most exciting games in NFL history.'”

Instagram has updated its logo.


From Online Journalism blog, a great big guide to Snapchat for Journalists. “A few weeks ago I started writing a post about Snapchat for journalists. It ended up so long that I decided to turn it into a small ebook. But I thought I’d split that original draft – just under half the length of the finished ebook – across a number of posts here on OJB. I hope you find it useful.”


From the Washington Post:
The new 140-character war on India’s caste system
. “When a bridge collapsed in the city of Kolkata, killing dozens two months ago, the usual outrage followed about shoddy construction companies and substandard material. But a wealthy businessman, Motilal Oswal, created a stir on Twitter when he chose to blame it on the country’s engineers — who he said graduate not because of talent but because of affirmative-action set-asides for lower-caste groups, a hot-button issue in India.”


Oh look. Another Adobe Flash zero-day. “The latest fix for the internet’s screen door includes a remedy for CVE-2016-4117, the remote code execution flaw that is already being exploited by criminals serving up malware-laden advertisements. The May update should be considered a top priority for Flash Player on Windows, OS X, and Linux. Microsoft and Google are respectively pushing their own Flash Player updates for IE11, Edge and Chrome.”

Are Federal security checks going to include social media? “Two subcommittees of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing Friday on whether scrutinizing their social media accounts should become a regular part of security investigations of federal employees and if so, under what conditions.”


What an interesting subject for a thesis: Twitter analysis of the orthodontic patient experience with braces versus Invisalign. “The purpose of this study was to examine the orthodontic patient experience with braces compared to Invisalign® by means of a large-scale Twitter sentiment analysis. A custom data collection program was created to collect tweets containing the words ‘braces’ or ‘Invisalign.’ A hierarchal Naïve Bayes sentiment classifier was developed to sort the tweets into one of five categories: positive, negative, neutral, advertisement, or not applicable. ”


Not too long ago I mentioned a Simpsons search engine. Now the same search engine allows you to make animated GIFs. Good afternoon, Internet…

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