Happy First Birthday, ResearchBuzz Firehose!

A year ago last week, I launched ResearchBuzz Firehose. The idea was to create a place where I could post individual RB items and tag them so they would be easier to find. The idea was also to make it easier for readers to follow categories, tags, and keywords, if they had specific interest.

At this writing the Firehose has over 4,900 posts. Broken out by category, they cover this spectrum:

  • Around the Search & Social Media World (1,217)
  • New Resources (1,114)
  • Other Things I Think Are Cool (48)
  • Research & Opinion (368)
  • Security & Legal Issues (593)
  • Tweaks & Updates (931)
  • Uncategorized (25) (This is also known as the “Tara screwed up” category)
  • Useful Stuff (650)

How did I put up so many posts in a year? Look at it this way: ResearchBuzz is ideally two posts a weekday – a morning post with 12 items, and an afternoon post with 10 items. That’s 22 items a weekday, or 110. Then I do a Saturday and Sunday edition – that’s another 24 items, or 134 items a week. That’s 6968 items over 52 weeks – the Firehose doesn’t match that because I don’t manage to do two editions every weekday.

But it gives you the idea – ResearchBuzz covers a lot of ground! You should see the stuff I read and don’t post.

But it’s no good at all if it doesn’t do you and good. When the site launched I wrote an article on how to best use the Firehose for content discovery. If you missed it, you can check it out here:

As always, if there’s anything I can do to make this site and resource more useful to you, just let me know.



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