Futurama, Olympics, Instagram, More: Short Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, August 10, 2016


Remember that database of Simpsons screenshots and quotes? Now there’s one for Futurama. “Morbotron allows fans of Futurama to search for screenshots and generate gifs based on quotes from their favourite show. It’s by the same team behind Frinkiac (Paul Kehrer, Sean Schulte and Allie Young), and they’ve put 861,414 frames from 124 episodes and four movies, with 63,527 searchable subtitles, into the generator.”

Google has launched a search trends hub for the Olympics. “The Trends hub will let users view the trends happening around each sport, as well as general search trends like ‘Where is the Olympic Torch?'”


Instagram is apparently testing a “save draft” feature. “The option is something many Instagram users have wanted for quite a while, but has not yet rolled out to the entire Instagram user base.”

Google has made some tweaks to its Inbox product.


Need some help with Pokemon Go critters? Wolfram|Alpha can help. “In addition to hundreds of entity types covering scientific, geographic, and other “serious” domains, Version 11 also includes built-in data on fun entities like Pokémon, with information on names, evolutionary paths, abilities, and attack and defense statistics.”


The President of Iceland has promised to engage with his constituents via his new Facebook page. “The page in question, The President of Iceland, breaks away from the usual modus operandi of the office. Instead of just posting announcements on the official site of the presidency, President Guðni Th. Jóhannesson intends to not only post announcements on the Facebook page – he will also try his best to engage in a direct discussion with the Icelandic people.”

This is ringing a tiny alarm bell in the back of my mind: Twitter is looking to sublease part of its San Francisco headquarters. “About 78,800 square feet (7,320 square meters) is listed for sublease on the seventh floor of 1355 Market St., a renovated 1930s furniture mart, and 104,850 square feet is available along three floors in an adjacent building at One Tenth St., according to marketing materials from Cresa, a commercial real estate firm.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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