VQL, Pinterest, AdSense, More: Short Wednesday Buzz, August 23, 2016

A comment a reader left yesterday is still bothering me, so I want to clarify here. He thought that my denoting Saskatchewan as part of Canada was patronizing. I didn’t mean to be patronizing. What I meant to be was clear. ResearchBuzz has readers all over the world, and I’m not making any assumptions about anyone’s knowledge of geography. Therefore I’m going to note that Saskatchewan is in Canada, just as I noted that Annapolis was a city in Maryland.

Every day that I do ResearchBuzz I learn that there’s so much I don’t know. There is truly more on heaven and Earth than is dreamt of in my philosophy. I hope getting hit on the head with that fact daily for the 18+ years I have done ResearchBuzz has knocked the patronizing right out of me. And if it hasn’t yet, I hope it will.


Data analysis without tears: is this a new trend, something I’m just paying attention to because I’m currently up to my elbows in MYSQL, or ? I don’t know. I do know that VQL sounds pretty cool. “VQL connects to a SQL database or Relational Database Systems, such as PostgreSQL, Amazon Redshift and Heroku. It can also upload data from a CSV or spreadsheet. In all cases, the solution imports the information, predicts column categories and automatically divides the data into a comprehensive table in a matter of minutes. Users can then make instant inquiries sans code, searching for certain text, numbers and dates throughout the dataset. If they aren’t feeling the spreadsheet layout, they can also create histograms – similar to Excel, but with a lot more information.”


Pinterest has acquired Instapaper. “Instapaper, a pioneering app for saving articles to read later, has been acquired — again. The app, which was created by developer Marco Arment and sold to Betaworks in 2013, has found a new home at Pinterest.”

Google AdSense used to have a limit of three ad units per Web page. Now that appears to be gone. Ugh. “Over the past 12 hours, I received a few emails and notifications from AdSense publishers that Google seems to have dropped the ad limit per page policy. In the past, the policy was written up on this page as saying that there were ‘up to three AdSense for content units.’ Now that has been removed.”


South Korea is holding off on a decision to whether or not to provide Google with mapping data. “South Korea said on Wednesday it will extend a review of a request by Google Inc in June for permission to take government mapping data out of the country for use in servers worldwide, with a decision due by Nov. 23.”

Google is apparently going to start cracking down on mobile sites with annoying interstitial ads. How about desktop sites with annoying interstitial ads?

Rumors are swirling that the Google VR headset release is pretty close. “The company is relying on apps, shorts and games to promote Daydream, a hybrid store and software service that Google hopes will be the dominant way people engage in virtual reality, much like Android is for smartphones. An update to Android software that will support Daydream began rolling out Monday. The idea is to encourage the growth of the technology and ensure Google maintains a central role in helping people find things to watch.”


A consumer watchdog group is going after the Kardashians. “The consumer watchdog group Truth in Advertising says the clan is illegally advertising stuff on social media. It’s documented over 100 Instagram posts that it says should have been marked sponsored or paid for.”


Two new books: Social media in industrial China and social media in rural China. “From the ways in which social media is a form of education for factory workers, to the increase of privacy, Social Media in Industrial China and Social Media in Rural China together offer detailed and thoroughly researched insights into how social media is being used in China, and the impact it’s having on peoples’ lives.” The books are being released on September 13th; while the paper copies have a price there are open access versions available for free. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Your reports are priceless and I never feel condescended to. The best rule of thumb: Never underestimate my intelligence, never overestimate my knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thank you for Research Buzz! It is a nice collection of interesting links. And I am breaking lurkerdom to say that I am from New Zealand and if pressed to make a guess I would have probably placed Saskatchewan as being US. So, no, not patronising. Thank you for being clear!

  3. As a Southern Hemisphere reader who isn’t great at geography, it’s definitely not patronising and please don’t let that one comment get you down! Thank you for having your global approach/attitude – it is much appreciated 🙂

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