Amazon Car Research, Ontario Music, NC Newspaper, More: Short Friday Buzz, August 26, 2016

The next couple of weeks will still be Hell, but hopefully Hell Lite. There will be more typos. There will be more explanations of where different cities and provinces are. I still love you but these last couple weeks have been a skullcrusher. Thanks for letting me vent.


Interesting: Amazon has a new car research site. “ Inc. is pushing deeper into the auto industry and car-parts market with a new website featuring reviews, images and specifications on thousands of new and classic car models. Customers can research cars on the new Amazon Vehicles website, they just can’t buy one there.”

The city of Peterborough (that’s Ontario, in CANADA) has launched a new Web site with almost 13000 streamable songs by local artists. Alex Stangl is a nice listen. (He’s also got a spot at the Internet Archive.)

DigitalNC has its 200th partner institution and a new digitized newspaper collection. “[Rourk Branch Library’s] first addition to the collection helps us build the North Carolina Newspaper collection, with almost a decade of issues from The Brunswick Beacon. The Beacon is a unique community newspaper with issues dating from 1985 to 1994. The newspaper contains many creative ads (like the one below) and stories relevant to the area. The paper is an excellent resource for those interested in researching the activities of coastal areas in North Carolina or for genealogists.”


The New York Times has an article explaining how you can find out what Facebook thinks about your politics. Facebook thinks I’m a liberal (which is correct sometimes; depends on the topic) but the funny part was it had me labeled with “Ethnic Affinity: African American”. There is nothing wrong with being a person of color, but the color I am is pasty pink. Or you could just call me a Saltine-American. (And maybe Facebook’s algorithmic discovery isn’t as good as it thinks.)


Looks like there are more security issues with iOS. “An international team of computer science researchers has identified serious security vulnerabilities in the iOS – the operating system used in Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices. The vulnerabilities make a variety of attacks possible.” Good morning, Internet…

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