Bad Weather Resource Lists for FL, NC, SC Coming Tonight

Hey folks,

Tonight when I get home from work I’ll be putting together resource lists for FL, NC, and SC in advance of Hurricane Matthew. The lists will grow and change over time.

I went through Fran in 1996 (remind me to tell you about sitting at my Granny’s dining room table, working on one of my books by the light of a hurricane lamp) and I’ve never forgotten how scary that night was.

As with everything else on this site, the lists will be CC-BY-NC. So if you’re a local neighborhood group, or a school, or a library or any other non-commercial, non-profit being, and you want to take the list and share it, PLEASE. Please take it. Keep checking back as I add stuff.

And if you can’t BY, don’t worry about it. YOUR health and YOUR safety and YOUR access to resources and help is 8000% more important than me getting a hat tip.

I will update the resource lists as I find things, and if I find them immediately useful I will tweet them with the hashtags of #MATTHEWFL or #MATTHEWNC or #MATTHEWSC as appropriate.

Wishing safety for you and yours.

As always: I love you!


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