Hurricane Matthew, More: Friday Buzz, October 7, 2016

Short Buzz today as I put together resources for Hurricane Matthew:

Bad Weather Florida –
Bad Weather South Carolina –

North Carolina is coming later today but I’m focusing on the places in immediate danger first. These pages will be updated as I find or am tagged with more resources. Please feel free to grab and share. Best wishes to everybody and stay safe.


The Massachusetts Historical Society has added seven new online collections. “The seven collections range from small (one thin folder of documents kept by the Juvenile Anti-Slavery Society records) to large (7,534 images of records kept by the Woman’s Education Association) and date from 1827 (Society for the Employment of the Female Poor Trustees’ reports) to the 1930s (Rose Dabney Forbes papers as well as the Woman’s Education Association records).”


The closure of Sunlight Labs makes me very sad, but I’m impressed with how responsibly it’s being handled. “GitHub has committed to host the Sunlight Labs repository as an open source community project independent of Sunlight Foundation…. Beyond repos, we have loads of content and data we want to preserve. Mark Graham and his team at the extraordinary and audacious Internet Archive are partnering with us over the coming weeks to archive it ALL. From the Wayback Machine for our domains and subdomains, to a special Collection at the Internet Archive for Sunlight’s datasets – they’ll make sure you can still access our information even after Labs is gone.”

Google’s Science Journal has a new musical feature. “Together with the Exploratorium, we just released a new activity in Science Journal called Light Instruments: an activity that enables you to design and build a musical instrument played by changing the light that reaches it. The ability to turn graphs into sound was actually originally a feature we designed for accessibility.”

Google’s auto autos have driven two million miles. “Dmitri Dolgov, the head of the tech giant’s self-driving technology business, revealed the milestone in a blog post, describing it as the human equivalent of ‘300 years of human driving experience’.”


Make Tech Easier, which is putting out really good content lately: 5 Easy Ways to Convert Websites to PDFs in Chrome. “Screenshots are great when you want to save what you’re looking at for later or share it with someone else. In some cases, however, a PDF file might be better. If you’re trying to save something to study later and want to be able to highlight or copy text, you’ll need to save the site as a PDF file. There are a number of ways you can accomplish that in Chrome, both with built-in features and extensions.”


The latest deets on Yahoo’s e-mail scanning scandal are not making anything clearer. In fact, it’s more the opposite. “On Wednesday afternoon the NY Times released a report that appeared to clarify some of the questions around Tuesday’s Reuters report about Yahoo scanning all emails. According to the NY Times, unlike the original Reuters report that talked about a ‘directive’ (which would imply an NSA surveillance program such as the one under Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act), the scanning was actually the result of a more traditional FISA Court order.”


From The Guardian: Here’s my plan to save Twitter: let’s buy it. “When I mentioned a Twitter buyout to co-op and crowdfunding veteran Danny Spitzberg, he reminded me of the Green Bay Packers. Have you ever wondered why the small-ish city of Green Bay has held on to its really good football team? It’s because, rather than being traded around by billionaires, the team started selling shares to its fans, starting in 1923. That has resulted in sold-out games, affordable ticket prices, tasteful stadium advertising, and an all-around successful, sustainable business model for generations.” Good morning, Internet…

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