China Legal System, Scuba Diving Photos, Windows 10, More: Monday Afternoon Buzz, October 17, 2016


A number of initiatives are making China’s judicial system more transparent. “… on Sept. 27, Zhou Qiang, the chief justice of China’s Supreme People’s Court (SPC) and head of the country’s judiciary, announced the debut of an impressive new website, the Chinese Open Trial Network. It already boasts full, high-definition videos of over 67,000 criminal, administrative, and civil proceedings.” And there’s a lot more to come.

It’s kind of small for a photo archive, but it’s an unusual topic so in it goes: a scuba diving club in (appropriately enough) Bath, Somerset, England has created an online photo gallery to celebrate its 60th anniversary. “Bath Sub-Aqua Club was among the first branches of the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC) to be established, and has been responsible for introducing thousands of people to diving across the south west. Photographs from the club’s inaugural year in 1956 show old fashioned suits which many divers, known then as ‘frogmen’, made for themselves out of neoprene.”


Looks like we might see a Windows 10 update in March. “It’s public knowledge that Microsoft is working on the next major Windows 10 update but so far the company is yet to confirm precisely when this update is going to be released. We’ve known it by its codename Redstone 2 for a long time now. Several references to ‘Windows 10 Version 1703’ have been discovered in the latest test builds of the OS, they point towards the year and month of release, so if this is believed the next major Windows 10 update will be out in March 2017.”

Google’s Go programming language has gotten a serious bump in popularity. “Ranked 65th a year ago in the Tiobe Index of language popularity, it has climbed to 16th this month and is on track to become Tiobe’s Programming Language of the Year, a designation awarded to the language with the biggest jump in the index.


Lifehacker: Top 10 Gmail Tips for Power Users. I want to try Sortd.


A blogger is expressing concern about how Google handles AMP traffic. “I run my blog on WordPress with a custom theme. 6 month ago I’ve added support for Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) in order to provide better user for mobile devices. I did not research the AMP project well and have made some costly false assumptions that I wanted to share. Most importantly, I was surprised to find out that instead of redirecting users to an optimized version hosted on my server, Google was actually serving a snapshot of the page from their own cache.” Guy bent over backwards to be fair to Google and has documented his concern thoroughly.


Wow: Ethiopia has apparently banned posting on Facebook, making it a crime. “A state of emergency declared in Ethiopia last week is growing more draconian by the day. Posting updates on the current status of the country, hit by anti-government protests since last November, is now a crime, the government said over the weekend.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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