California Arts Education, Burke County (NC) Yearbooks, Google Surveys 360, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, October 20, 2016


Now available, an online database showing access that secondary school students have to arts education. “The statewide arts coalition Create CA, in partnership with the California Department of Education and the nationwide Arts Education Data Project, released … a first-of-its-kind online database that slices arts instruction offerings by county, school district and individual school sites. The goal is to give school leaders, arts advocates and parents a clear picture of the state of arts education in California and hopefully increase access.”

A new collection of yearbooks is available from the Burke County (North Carolina) public library. “More than 60 yearbooks from the Burke County Public Library are available on DigitalNC. Our new partner, Burke County Public Library, has branches located Morganton, Valdese, and Hildebran, NC.” Burke County is in the NC mountains, just west of Hickory.

Google has announced Google Surveys 360. “Now for the first time, marketers of all types can get fast, accurate market research — in combination with their marketing performance and analytics data — to help them make key business decisions at the speed of today’s digital world. Google Surveys 360 makes doing market research as easy as buying an airline ticket with your favorite app. It’s available for purchase today in the U.S and Canada as part of the Analytics 360 Suite.”


Looks like Google might be teaming up with CBS. “Google has arrived at a deal with CBS to carry its broadcast content on its upcoming web TV offering, according to the Wall Street Journal. Locking in CBS will go a long way to making a compelling ‘skinny’ TV bundle for people who aren’t interested in signing up for cable, and Google is also nearing a deal with Fox and Walt Disney (which owns ABC).”

More Google: Google Cloud Platform is getting a new cold storage service. “If you know your Google Cloud Storage, the launch of a new cold storage service may surprise you. With Nearline, Google already offers a very affordable service for data archiving and disaster recovery, after all. When Nearline first launched, it was very similar to Amazon Glacier in that you would get a very cheap storage service but you had to pay for that with increased latency. When Nearline came out of beta earlier this year, though, it also became much faster. Instead of three to five seconds of latency, access to data was now real-time.”

Coming soon: the ability to order food through Facebook. Um… “The social network has partnered with, a food-delivery startup operating in about 40 US cities, to provide any restaurant with the ability to take orders on their Facebook pages. A spokesperson for Facebook told Quartz that the company has built a new tool for displaying menus and ordering information inside Facebook pages. Any business that’s currently signed up for will see its delivery-ordering information automatically added to their Facebook page.”


Facebook’s horror of breasts apparently even includes animated ones. animated ones showing women how to check themselves for lumps. “Facebook has removed a video on breast cancer awareness posted in Sweden after deeming the images offensive, the Swedish Cancer Society said on Thursday. The video, displaying animated figures of women with circle-shaped breasts, was aimed at explaining to women how to check for suspicious lumps.”

Wow! Facebook’s debate livestream was faster than cable. “It’s up for discussion who won the final debate of the election, but there was a clear winner Wednesday in the battle of live-streaming services. Facebook had the lowest latency, even trumping the satellite and cable for some viewers. The results came from a study by employees of Wowza, a media streaming service provider, who tracked the delay of streaming services across devices and compared them back to the baseline of radio.” Here’s how I listened to the debate. It was accidental but worked really well: I had the debate livestreaming on YouTube with a 3 minute delay and was reading the hashtag #debate on Twitter. I got enough warning with the tweets that I could pay close attention for the things in the debate inspiring the most comment.


Do you type while you’re on a Skype call? You could be vulnerable to audio snooping. “According to a paper from researchers at the University of California, Irvine; the Sapienza University of Rome; and the University of Padua, the sound of keystrokes, or acoustic emanations, can be recorded during a Skype voice or video call and later reassembled as text.”


Research: the most popular foods on Twitter. “If you are what you tweet, a lot of Americans are very, very jittery. A new study looked at nearly 80 million tweets and found that coffee was the most tweeted-about consumable in the U.S. and Starbucks was by far the most tweeted fast-food restaurant.” Warning: REALLY LOUD autoplay video. Good afternoon, Internet…

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