Népszabadság, iOS, Google, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, December 14, 2016


An online archive for Hungarian daily newspaper Népszabadság will be made freely available online. “Publishing company Mediaworks will maintain the online archive of Népszabadság, what had been Hungary’s largest-circulation daily before it was closed down in October, as a free service … the company said in a statement on Tuesday.”


iOS 10.2 is now available. “If all the new emoji weren’t enough of a reason for you to upgrade to iOS 10.2, the security updates added to the release should really push you over the edge.”

Google has released its annual year in search. “It’s that time of year — when we look back at the last 12 months and reflect on the trends that defined the year in Google Search. From Powerball numbers to Olympic champions, whether making dessert or becoming a mannequin, this year affected us all in different ways. Through all the highs and lows, people came to Search to learn more and understand.”


Amit Agarwal has a great roundup of lesser-known search tips for GMail. “Gmail supports a plethora of search operators to help you instantly find that elusive email message buried in your mailbox. You have size search – like larger_than:5mb – to find the big messages in your account. File search – like has:attachment filename:doc – will locate email messages that contain file attachments of specific types. This graphic illustrates all the known search operators that work both on Gmail and Google Inbox.”

In case you want to start 2017 on a new foot: How to Start Fresh Again on Social Media. “Drunken ramblings, bad sports predictions, political opinions you’re now ashamed of… there are plenty of reasons why you might want to clean up some (or all) of the social media trail you’ve left behind you in one go, aside from just canceling your account and starting again. Here are the tools you need to do it on Facebook and Twitter.”


South China Morning Post: Google, Naver in all-out war for accurate translation service in South Korea. “Two companies ― Google and Naver ― have so far adopted the NMT [Neural Machine Translation services] in the Korean-English translation, gearing up to gain an upper hand in the infant AI industry here. In October, Naver, the nation’s No. 1 portal service operator, launched its own NMT service, Papago. Google also unveiled its upgraded translation service the following month, equipped with its AI software.”


Google: Sharing National Security Letters with the Public. “In our continued effort to increase transparency around government demands for user data, today we begin to make available to the public the National Security Letters (NSLs) we have received where, either through litigation or legislation, we have been freed of nondisclosure obligations. We previewed this back in October when we updated our Transparency Report.”

Some very nasty ransomware will let you off the hook if you’re willing to infect other people. “The diabolical software Popcorn Time, which is not at all affiliated with the Popcorn Time piracy app, shakes victims down like any other ransomware. If you can’t afford the one bitcoin payout or you’re feeling especially spiteful, you can share a link to download Popcorn Time in an attempt to infect others. If two of your victims pay up, the attackers give you the key to decrypt your data. It’s a bit like the movie It Follows, but for malware instead of killing.”


New York Times: Twitter Has the Right to Suspend Donald Trump. But It Shouldn’t. “As a corporation, Twitter is under no First Amendment obligation to let Mr. Trump use the service. It gets to make its own set of speech rules within its own walls, and among those rules is a prohibition on using the service to incite harassment. Earlier this year, the company suspended several Trump supporters who appeared to run afoul of those rules. Twitter has said that its policies apply to every user. And yet Twitter is no position, now, to suspend @realDonaldTrump.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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