Segregated Schools, GMail, Medium, More: Thursday Afternoon Buzz, March 2, 2017


The University of Southern Mississippi has launched a new digital archive about racially-segregated libraries. “The archive is entitled ‘The Roots of Community: Segregated Carnegie Libraries as Spaces for Learning and Community-Making in Pre-Civil Rights America, 1900-65.’ The research includes information on 12 segregated Carnegie libraries (or ‘Carnegie Negro Libraries’ as they were called then), a group of public libraries that opened between 1900 and 1925.”


Network World: Gmail now lets you receive attachments of up to 50MB — but there’s a catch. “Google has lessened one frustration with Gmail, in allowing you to receive attachments up to 50MB, but senders are still stuck at a 25MB limit for total attachment size.” I run into this at least once a month. Grrr.

WIRED: Medium Launches Snapchat Stories, But for Medium. “The easiest way to explain Series is this: It’s Snapchat Stories, except they don’t expire after 24 hours and you can’t swipe down to open a link. Also you can’t do any of the fun things you can do in Stories.”


Vice: Silencing the net: More governments want to kill access to Twitter and Facebook. Here’s how to beat them.. “Governments don’t have an internet kill-switch within reach — they need the support of telecoms operators to pull off a shutdown. By issuing a court order or legal request, government authorities can require telecoms to implement a block list of select sites or even disconnect certain locations from internet access. Telecoms providers are bound by national regulations and license agreements, so few companies decide to go rogue on government requests.” The headline is a bit misleading – the article is more about the technical aspects of how governments can cut off Internet access and what some ISPs are doing about it.

CNET: All Google Home’s compatible music, podcast and radio services. “Like the Alexa speakers, Google Home’s primary function is streaming audio. After all, it is a speaker — it just has a lot of extra features. You can get your news, listen to your favorite radio station or podcast and listen to music videos. Here are all the music, podcast and radio services that work with Google Home.”


NBC News: Yahoo Security Breaches Cost Marissa Mayer Millions in Bonus, Stocks. “Yahoo is punishing CEO Marissa Mayer and parting ways with its top lawyer for the mishandling of two security breaches that exposed the personal information of more than 1 billion users and already have cost the company $350 million.” So instead of getting paid a jillion dollars she only gets half a jillion?

Complete Music Update: Facebook advertising for Legal Director of Music Licensing. “Facebook is continuing to build a new team to sort out music licensing on the social network. Having headhunted Tamara Hrivnak from YouTube in January to work on the social network’s ‘global music strategy’, it’s now advertising for a Legal Director of Music Licensing.”


Ten Eyewitness News: Tourist shot in Rio after Google Maps led her through crime-ridden slum. “A tourist is fighting for her life after she was shot multiple times when Google Maps directed her through Rio De Janeiro’s infamous favela slums on the way to the city’s Christ the Redeemer statue.”


Indian Express: Google Street View shows how trees regulate urban ecosystems . “Scientists have used over 100,000 images extracted from Google Street View to map and quantify how street trees regulate urban ecosystems in megacities like Delhi and Shanghai. While it is generally accepted that trees and plants benefit urban environments, until now researchers have had very little data to work with in order to quantify the extent that street trees regulate urban ecosystems.”

PLOS: Recruitment and retention of young adult veteran drinkers using Facebook. “The objective of this study was to describe the feasibility of using Facebook as a platform to recruit and retain young adult veteran drinkers into an online-alcohol use intervention study. Facebook’s wide accessibility and popularity among the age group that comprises the majority of veterans from the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan make it a compelling resource through which research can extend its reach to this otherwise hard-to-reach group.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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