Snapchat, Learning Resources, Mobile Apps, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, May 5, 2017


Ars Technica: Snapchat lines up media companies to produce original shows for Snap TV. “Snap Inc. is working with media companies to bolster Snapchat’s original content with mini, TV-like episodes. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Snap Inc. has signed deals with NBC Universal, Turner, Discovery, ESPN, Vice Media, and the NFL to produce original shows for Snap TV. The company is expected to announce new deals today with Scripps Networks Interactive, owner of Food Network, which will also create original shows for the social media outlet.”

TechCrunch: Snapchat launches self-serve ad manager . “Snap Inc wants the ad dollars of smaller businesses, not just giant brands. So today it’s launching its new self-serve ad manager for buying video Snap Ads. There’s also the new Snapchat Mobile Dashboard for tracking campaigns from your phone, and the Business Manager site for configuring the roles and permissions of team members.”


MakeUseOf: How to Save (and Share) Everything You Learn With These 11 Apps. “…before you wade into the tides of information out there, arm yourself with a system to keep the knowledge and also share it around. Sharing new insights is one way to remember what you learn. It also pays off with better interpersonal productivity and collaboration.” oooh, I need that P2K.

Hongkiat: 5 Ways to Run Desktop & Mobile Apps Anywhere. “Imagine you need a software like Office, GIMP or Notepad++, but don’t want to install a new app or your computer doesn’t have minimum specs for this software. In such situations, you can make use of certain services to run desktop or mobile apps in your web browser without downloading or installing them on your device.”

PC World: 4 Chrome extensions that make you more productive in Gmail. “While Gmail alone can dramatically improve your email efficiency, Gmail and Chrome together make a one-two productivity punch that’s hard to beat. Here are four Chrome extensions that help reduce the time you spend in your inbox so you can focus on the work that really matters.”

BetaNews: ‘Start’ is a do-everything new tab page for Chrome. “If you’re bored with Chrome’s standard “new tab” page, there are hundreds of free extensions to make it better. Whether you’re after gorgeous photos, better searching, more productivity tools, there’s something, somewhere that can help. If you don’t have time to look, that doesn’t have to be a problem either — just install something like Start — A Better New Tab, which crams in just about every feature you could possibly want.”


CNET: Cloudflare helps serve up hate online, says ProPublica. “If you’ve wondered how hate proliferates online, especially since the divisive 2016 election, ProPublica has some answers. Cloudflare, a San Francisco-based internet company, enables extremist web sites to stay in business by providing them with data delivery services, according to ProPublica.”


Engadget: ISIS created its own social network to spread propaganda. “Social media has been a main tool for Islamic State militants to spread propaganda and recruit members for years now. But as companies like Twitter and Telegram continue to crack down on ISIS accounts, militants appear to be building their own private social networks to further their communications efforts.”

Gizmodo: The State Department Wants 5 Years of Social Media Handles From Refugees Before Entry. “On Thursday, the Department of State issued a notice to the Federal Register, soliciting public comments on a new procedure for vetting immigrants and asylum-seekers applying for US visas. If approved, applicants will be asked for their past five years of social media handles and could be denied entry if they refuse.”

Techdirt: The Premier League Kindly Requests Google De-List All Of Facebook Over Copyright Infringement Claims. “This is the part of the story where we all have a laugh, because Google is of course not going to delist Facebook’s homepage over the Premier League’s pirate streaming concerns. But this is also the part of the story where I remind those laughing that most sites are not Facebook. Most sites have neither the resources nor the notoriety of the world’s most popular social media platform. How many smaller sites and companies have been delisted due to these kinds of errors?” Good afternoon, Internet…

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