Foreign Service Journal, Granta Magazine, 3D Printable Models, More: Friday Afternoon Buzz, May 12, 2017


99 years of the Foreign Service Journal are now available online. “The fully digitized archive of The Foreign Service Journal is finally here! Witness nearly a century of diplomatic history, stories and discussion—as told by the people who were there and shaped it firsthand. Browse the archive to learn about American diplomacy and foreign policy while diving into the extraordinary experiences of the U.S. Foreign Service.” It appears to be free. I accessed an issue from 1922 and an issue from 2013 without any problem.

Talking New Media: Granta magazine launches digital archive for institutions. “The world renowned literary magazine Granta has today announced the launch of a state-of-the-art digital archive featuring every issue of the historic 38 year old quarterly.”

Benzinga: 3D Ninja Launches Search Engine for 3D Printable Models (PRESS RELEASE). “IFind3D combines all online libraries for 3D printable models in one fast and responsive engine, making it easy for end users to find 3D printable models. At the moment almost 70% of all online libraries and repositories are connected and IFind3D counts over 700.000 unique results, expected is that before the end of 2017 around 90% of all worldwide 3D printable designs will be indexed in the search engine.”

PRNewswire: U.S. Wireless Industry Launches Free Consumer Tool To Combat Smartphone Theft (PRESS RELEASE). “Consumers will be able to verify if a device has been reported stolen or lost before making a purchase by entering a device’s unique ID at the GSMA Device Check-powered website. The unique ID – an IMEI, MEID or ESN code – can be located on the device, in device settings or on the device packaging. If a device has been reported as stolen or lost in the database, it will show a red status, and note that wireless service may be blocked from the device.”


CNET: You can now post to Instagram from your computer — here’s how. “Instagram introduced a huge change today, launching a fully-functional web app that lets you upload photos from a phone browser, no app needed. Instagram didn’t officially add the option to desktop browsers, but it’s there — you just have to find it.”

The Next Web: Twitch will marathon 886 episodes of Mister Rogers. “After integrating Bob Ross so thoroughly into its culture (to the point where he’s started cropping up in actual games), Twitch is bringing another beloved, soft-voiced childhood icon to its platform with a Mister Rogers marathon. Twitch will show 886 episodes of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood over a period of 18 days on a dedicated Mister Rogers channel.”

TechCrunch: Google’s neural network-generated custom face stickers are like Bitmoji that aren’t horrible. “So let me just say really quick that I really dislike Bitmoji. Pretty much everything about it/them. The one thing that’s good about Bitmoji is that the user really can easily customize a representative avatar, which is good for inclusion, even if the results are universally terrible in every way. Fortunately Google has just blown Bitmoji out of the water with a genuinely excellent alternative. Unfortunately, it’s only for Allo.”


MakeUseOf: How to Organize the Best Online Videos You Watch Every Day. “When it comes to articles, bookmark services have you covered. Pocket, Instapaper, and other such services save links to read later. But the internet loves to watch videos as much, if not more. And a lot gets thrown at you from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, or others. While you can use Pocket itself to save videos, it’s not the ideal service for it. There are specialist alternatives which let you save videos and watch them later. There is also your browser’s own bookmarks. And finally, every video service offers to save videos for you anyway.”

The Verge: A new app called Boomerang will double-check awkward translations for you. “Boomerang is a new iOS app that uses Google Translate to translate phrases in 104 different languages; then translates the phrasing back into the original language for you to make sure that what you’re trying to say actually makes sense.”


PC World: Hands on with Microsoft’s Story Remix, the new tool to make your photos pop. “Arriving with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Story Remix allows you to stitch together photos into ‘stories’ with music, inking, transitions, and even make-believe 3D objects to liven them up—or Story Remix might just do it for you automatically. Custom music supplied by Microsoft’s Groove Music service syncs to the transitions, and you have total control over filters, transitions, and more.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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