Changes for Me and ResearchBuzz

Hi ho.

As you know if you’ve been reading ResearchBuzz for a while, it’s not the job that pays the bills. The job that pays the bills is me working in a warehouse.

Well, it was. The company I work for has been sold. I will stay on for a while as a part-timer – not sure how long – and then I’ll not work there anymore.

This is scary and stressful. But it’s also an opportunity to do more ResearchBuzz. And I’m going to take it.

Listen: I love doing this. I love finding resources. I love writing articles. I love learning and I love teaching. I don’t want to stop.

So I’m going to make a go at doing more ResearchBuzz. More articles. Screencasts. If it seems interesting I’ll try it. If it doesn’t work I’ll try something else.

I want this to be the job that pays the bills. (If it isn’t I’ll look for freelance writing work.) And because of that I’m going to have to be a bit more obnoxious with the promotion. I’m considering advertising but I’d rather not if I can avoid it.

If you want to support me, I have a Patreon at .

If you want to buy me an iced tea, check out ko-fi:

If you can’t, it’s okay! Keep reading and if you see a resource someone can use, please pass it on. That’s what it’s all about!

And just a reminder, whether you’re supporting or not: everything published on is CC BY-NC. If you’re a teacher and you want to hand out copies of Google Scholar and the Full-Word Wildcard to your students, you go right ahead. If you’re organizing an APRA meeting and you want to use a copy of Tips for Angelina Jolie: How to Set Up a Google News Alert on a Famous Person, go nuts.

I have been writing about search engines for over 21 years. ResearchBuzz itself turned 19 in April. I would like to keep doing this until I’m at least 97. And I will, even if I have to get a job a Food Lion and just work on it in the evenings. But the more support I can get, the more time I can spend with it.

Let me get mushy here for a minute. I am so grateful for all your support and kind words. I can’t thank you enough. I know I say it on every digest but I love you.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Hey, very sorry to hear about the job situation. I tried to post a comment, but I don’t have a website and it won’t allow me to. I think you’re providing a great service and I hope it becomes a way to pay your bills. I bought you a cup of coffee last year. I’ll send another today. Wish I could do more.

    Hang in there. Hate when jobs get in the way.

    • Thank you, Beth! And please don’t worry about not being able to do more. I’m so grateful to all the people who read ResearchBuzz. I wish I didn’t have to worry about money but that’s the way it is…

  2. I’ll do what I can! I bought the Google Pocket Guide years ago. Maybe O’Reilly can be a sponsor? How bout T-Shirts and mugs from Cafe Press? I’m always down for a T – Shirt! How about using YouTube to generate revenue?

  3. Sorry to hear about the job, hope it all pans out well for you. Just one small piece of advice that you might want to think about – much as I enjoy your musings, I wonder sometimes whether or not a little more structure might be useful, especially if you’re going to try and make this into a business full-time. A more targeted approach might help the right people find the right research links more easily, and grow your online following. For example, specialist posts for individual groups (e.g. teachers) or some sort of tagging / highlighting that helps people find things that are more relevant to them and they’re work.

    Just a thought … 🙂

  4. IF Sergiy Brin has a single synapse still firing he will hire you! You know more about the Big G than all those geniuses in Palo Alto. Time you got out of the warehouse and into high paying punditry! I’ve been a communicant of RB for long enough to know what a national treasure you are. (Sorry to lay it on so thick but let the truth be told!!)

    • Oh wow, stop, you’re going to make my hat size too large. There are many brilliant people at Google and I wouldn’t dare say I know more about Google than they do. And I don’t want to go into high-paying punditry and spend all my time on TV yelling at people. (That is all they do, right?) Rather stay here and find cool resources and help people get better at search. 🙂

    • Hi Denise, the Ko-fi link is for a “tip jar” – the best one I could find that would work with hosted WordPress. I don’t know if the publisher would be interested in an updated Information Trapping, but I sure would. Definitely a project to think about!

  5. I love reading the newsletters. One suggestion: less anonymity. If this is going to be a full-time gig, it needs a face.

    • Hi Amy, I don’t really think I’m anonymous since my name is everywhere, but I get what you’re saying. TBH that will be a bit of a challenge for me but I’ll work on it.

  6. Dear Tara,

    Your book: Information Trapping is/was a classic. It still resides on my desk. Any change of an update? I hope publishers would like another updated version.

    Take care Walter

    • Thank you, Walter! That was my favorite book to write and oh boy, was it tough. I’d like to do a second edition too, but dynamically instead of releasing everything all at once into a book. It needs to be something that can change and evolve more quickly than a book will allow, you know?

  7. Hello! Sorry to hear about your situation! Your info has been my lifeline to th outside world as I am disabled but with what had been happening lately with my previous email address I wanted to have it changed to the new one I just sent you!
    As or specific groups – I would mention more info/sites about GENEALOGISTS if possible. PLEASE keep up the fabulous work you are doing!

  8. Thinking of you and hoping it all works out. I’ve learned a lot from your “hobby.” If you could make some money from it, that would be great. I will use one of the contribution links above.

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