Southland College, Firefox, Google Alerts, More: Sunday Buzz, June 18, 2017


University of Arkansas: University Libraries Digitize Southland Papers. “A new digital exhibit is now available for viewing on the University of Arkansas Libraries’ website. Lives Transformed: The People of Southland College tells the story of the first institution of higher learning west of the Mississippi River for African-Americans.”


The Verge: Firefox hogs less memory and gets a speed bump in its latest update. “In an attempt to even the playing field with competitors, Mozilla Firefox stepped up its game Tuesday by releasing an update that will increase browser speeds and cut down on memory usage.”

Engadget: Yahoo eSports shuttered after just a year. “As of tomorrow, Yahoo eSports will be no more. The site, which covers professional competitive video gaming, is a casualty of the Yahoo merger with AOL.”


Fortune Lords: How to Use Google Alerts Plus (12 Powerful Alternatives). “How do you keep up-to-date with all the mentions of you and your brand or competitors? And how do you keep tabs on the latest trends in your industry or niche? It’s impossible to monitor everything when there is so much happening online. But fortunately, there are some web monitoring tools that can help you keep updated.” Some of these appear to be social media only, but you will get a line on interesting resources.

Naked Security: Security SOS Week – learn from our top experts for free. “What’s worse than ransomware? How will the new GDPR data protection laws turn out? When does good security turn into creepy surveillance? What happens if zombie malware shows up on your network? Now you can stay up to speed on all of these topics without even leaving your desk – by joining in the Sophos Security SOS webinar series, which takes place next week, 19-23 June 2017.”

How-To Geek: How to Manually Update Your Chromebook When the Software Is Too Old. “If you buy a Chromebook that has been out for a while, there’s a small chance it could have an issue downloading the latest OS updates. Fortunately, getting your Chromebook to a completely up-to-date state isn’t impossible.”

Digital Trends: This Font Translates Into 93 Languages Without Those Odd Missing Characters. “A font is just a font, right? Well, when fonts are translated into different languages, missing characters are often turned into empty boxes, with the result being text that is not exactly lost in translation, but lost within the limitations of the typeface. Massachusetts-based font company Monotype launched SST typeface earlier this week, a font that can be translated into 93 different languages without the hieroglyphic boxes.”


BBC News: Prices for fake news campaigns revealed. “Mounting a year-long fake news campaign can cost about $400,000 (£315,000), suggests a report. The Trend Micro report draws on price lists found on sites that run the misinformation campaigns.”


Bleeping Computer: The Nigerian Spammers From the 90s Have Moved on to Keyloggers and RATs. “We’ll be taking a look today at a group of researchers that during the past few months have been reporting malware-infected computers to relevant authorities in countries all over the globe. This team is formed by MalwareHunter, Daniel Gallagher, and a security researcher that goes online only by the name of Guido. For the past few months, using data they search and find on VirusTotal, this group has been identifying malware campaigns, tracking down malware C&C servers, and rummaging through countless of data stolen from infected computers.”

ZDNet: CIA has been hacking into Wi-Fi routers for years, leaked documents show. “Leaked secret documents have revealed that the CIA has been targeting and compromising home, office, and public wireless routers for years in an effort to carry out clandestine surveillance. The documents, which could not be immediately verified, are part of an ongoing series of leaks released by the website WikiLeaks, revealing the work of the CIA’s elite hacking unit, dubbed the Engineering Development Group.”


CogDogBlog: Image AI: Amazing When It Works? Silly When Not? Yes.. “…it’s mind boggling to see how just an analysis (hidden) of an image can identity or suggest often very accurate descriptors and recognize faces. Like pizza, when it’s good it’s really good. And since they offer a demo, I gave it a spin to see if I could give it a good challenge.”

TechCrunch: Facebook’s Safety Check is a stress-inducing flip of social norms. “Facebook’s Safety Check feature was activated today, following news that a fire had engulfed a 24-storey block of flats in West London. At least six people are reported to have died in the blaze, with police expecting the death toll to rise. The Grenfell tower contains 120 flats. Clearly this is a tragedy. But should Facebook be reacting to a tragedy by sending push alerts — including to users who are miles away from the building in question?” Good morning, Internet…

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