Tampa FL Photography, UK Green Spaces, Street Intersections, More: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, July 11, 2017


City of Tampa, Florida: City of Tampa to Release Two Newly Digitized Historic Photo Collections. “The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Collection was donated to the City of Tampa in 1994 by Tampa Historical Society. It contains more than 30,000 images of events in Tampa from about 1950 until 1990. Many local elected officials and other dignitaries are featured in this collection. The Tampa Photo Supply Collection includes more than 50,000 images taken by local photographers Rose Rutigliano Weekley and Joseph Scolaro from 1940 until 1990. The collection primarily focuses on West Tampa, Ybor City, and South Tampa.” This is a work in progress and the collections are still being added to.

Public Technology: Ordnance Survey releases database of every green space in England, Scotland, and Wales. “Ordnance Survey (OS) has created a database and a digital map of every green space and outdoor recreation facility in England, Scotland, and Wales. The organisation has created ‘comprehensive map of Great Britain’s green spaces’ which can be accessed via its OS Maps app and online service.”

TIME: You Can Find Street Intersections By Name With This Handy Search Engine. “From Haight and Ashbury to 42nd and Broadway, street intersections have always been a way to note something special. Thanks to a new website, however, everyone will be able to find a street corner, personalized for them.


Straits Times: Revamped Singapore Statutes Online website makes local laws easier to understand. “As part of efforts to make local laws easier to understand, the Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has revamped its Singapore Statutes Online website, the official online repository for the country’s legislation. The revamp focused on what can be done to make Singapore’s written laws in the online space more accessible to different users, which includes parliamentarians, legal professionals, academia, as well as the public and business sectors.”


Business Insider: How to use YouTube like a pro. “From useful keyboard shortcuts to adding captions so I can watch a video without disturbing people around me, there are a bunch of good ways to make YouTube easier and better to use.”


New York Times: News Outlets to Seek Bargaining Rights Against Google and Facebook. “And for all of Google’s and Facebook’s efforts to support journalism by helping news organizations find new revenue streams — and survive in the new world that these sites helped create — they are, at the end of the day, the royals of the court. Quality news providers are the supplicants and the serfs. It’s an uneasy alliance that has publishers chafing at the returns they receive from Google and Facebook, which rely on the free flow of premium news and information.”

The Next Web: One cryptic storyteller is using Twitter to craft thrilling interactive fiction. “Numerous esteemed authors have previously relied on Twitter to tell original Flash fiction, but one talented storyteller is pushing his tales way beyond the 140 character limit to create interactive scenarios that put you in charge of the story.”


Reuters: Google taps top law firms to fight EU regulatory battles: sources . “Google has ramped up its legal firepower as it prepares to do battle with EU antitrust regulators after a landmark 2.4-billion-euro ($2.7 billion) fine and the possibility of a second record sanction before the end of the year.”

Bloomberg: Google Faces $1.3 Billion French Ruling Amid Rising Tax Populism. “Paris judges are set to rule as soon as Wednesday whether Alphabet Inc.’s Google illegally dodged French taxes by routing sales in the country out of Ireland. The case hinges on whether Google’s European headquarters in Ireland should be taxed as if it also has a permanent base in France.”


University of Texas at Austin: Comparison of algorithms for Twitter sentiment analysis. “Sentiment Analysis has gained attention in recent years owing to the massive increase in personal statements made at the individual level, spread across vast geographic and demographic ranges. That data has become vastly more accessible as micro-blog sites such as Twitter and Facebook have released public, free interfaces. This research seeks to understand the processes behind Sentiment Analysis and to compare statistical methodologies for classifying Twitter sentiments.” This is a Master’s thesis. Good afternoon, Internet…

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