Doing What I Can for Hurricane Harvey

When I do ResearchBuzz, I try to just do it, day in and day out. Christmas, New Year’s, Halloween, my birthday — I like to keep it as even and basic as possible. I just want it to be a useful part of your life. No muss no fuss no flash. Just stuff that makes your life a little better/easier/well informed/whatever, every day, no matter what.

I’ve got to break that attitude for Harvey. I feel like I have to do something. I went through Hurricane Fran in 1996, and I remember that wild night sitting in bed with my husband in our second-floor apartment, trying to keep our two cats from bouncing off the walls and cringing every time we heard a crack of lightning. (The next morning we found out that what we thought were lightning cracks were in fact trees snapping in half. In retrospect I’m glad I did not know that.) We had flooding, we had no power – but it sure isn’t a fraction of what those folks in Texas are going through.

So I took three months’ worth of Patreon donations and started looking around to see how I could help. I did not want to give to the Red Cross because of how it responded to Hurricane Sandy. But I found plenty of places that I could donate to instead. I’m listing them here with links and what percent of my three months’ worth of Patreon went to them.

Heart to Heart International – 10%
Homeless Period Project – 5%
Texas Diaper Bank – 5%
Houston Humane Society – 15%
Portlight – 20%
Team Rubicon – 15%
UMCOR – 10%
Feeding Texas – 20%

Patreons, thank you so much for your generosity and for making this possible. Reach around and pat yourselves on the back.

As always, I love you. Texas readers, I love you and I sure wish I could do a lot more.

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  1. Thank you for these suggestions – we have made a donation to the Houston Humane Society today.

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