Inuktitube, City Data Portals, Digital Library of Georgia, More: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, October 24, 2017


CBC: Step aside, YouTube: Inuktitube a ‘one-stop-shop’ for online Inuktitut videos. “Inuktitut videos have a new home on the internet: it’s called Inuktitube, the YouTube for people who speak Inuktitut. It’s a four-year-old passion project, according to Ryan Oliver, the owner of Pinnguaq, a non-profit technology startup that’s behind many Inuit-based media projects, including teaching computer code to kids. ”

OpenDataSoft: OpenDataSoft Launches Open Data America: A Free Data Portal For Over 500 U.S. Cities. “Today, OpenDataSoft launched Open Data America, a first-of-its-kind initiative to release data portals for over 500 cities across the Unites States. OpenDataSoft’s core mission is to help governments use data to be more efficient, innovative, transparent and accountable. Open Data America was developed to give municipal officials a cutting-edge tool to help open their data, expand their community of data users and co-create innovative civic solutions.” Only cities with between 65,000 and 375,000 residents are included, so the city I’m in is too big. But this is interesting.


Digital Library of Georgia: Digital Library of Georgia Hits 1 Million Newspaper Pages. “The Digital Library of Georgia (DLG) is celebrating its 1 millionth digitized historic newspaper page. The premier issue of the Georgia Gazette, Georgia’s first newspaper, published from 1763-1776 in Savannah, will become the 1 millionth page of historic newspapers to be made freely available online through the Georgia Historic Newspapers (GHN)…”

ZDNet: Open-sourcing data will make big data bigger than ever. “Free software has been with computing since day one, but proprietary software ruled businesses. It took open source and its licenses to transform how we coded our programs. Today, even Microsoft has embraced open source. Now, The Linux Foundation has created a new open license framework, Community Data License Agreement (CDLA), which may do for data what open source did for programming.”

Search Engine Journal: Google My Business Pages Can Now Take Direct Bookings . “Google’s booking button is said to allow customers to make bookings in under a minute. Creating an easier booking experience could result in acquiring more customers. In the Google My Business interface, admins can track how many bookings were made directly through the GMB dashboard.”


PSNews: Magnetic tapes attract warning. “The National Film and Sound Archive (NFSA), the National Archives of Australia (NAA) and the National Library of Australia (NLA) have banded together to raise a warning about the need to protect material stored on magnetic tape. The Agencies said jointly there was a risk of losing almost a million hours of irreplaceable audio and video history held on magnetic tape if these were not digitised by 2025.”

US News & World Report: China Court Uses Social Media to Shame Debtors: China Daily. “A local court in the eastern Chinese city of Wenzhou is using social media to shame people into repaying their debts, the China Daily reported on Tuesday. Citizens who ignore court repayment orders have been subjected to targeted advertisements on the popular Chinese social media app WeChat, notifying their contacts about the amount of money they owe, the paper said.”


Bloomberg Quint: Lobby Group for Facebook, Google to Pitch Self-Regulation of Ads. “A trade association whose members include Alphabet Inc.’s Google, Facebook Inc. and Twitter Inc. will pitch self-regulation instead of a proposed federal law requiring more disclosure for political advertising on their online platforms during a congressional hearing.” Because it’s worked SO WELL up to this point!

RESEARCH & OPINION Dr. YouTube … what’s your diagnosis?. “According to Pew Research center, in 2013, about six out of ten Americans searched for health information online in the past year. With patients regularly turning to the internet for health advice, a group of researchers aimed to evaluate the educational quality of seasonal influenza videos on the user-generated, video-sharing platform, YouTube.”

Stratechery: Why Facebook Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Buy tbh. “Facebook has always been secure in its dominance of permanent social relationships, a position that has given the company a dominant position in digital advertising. However, while everyone may need a permanent place on the Internet (all of those teenagers people say Facebook needs to reach have Facebook accounts), the ultimate currency is attention, and much like real life, it is ephemeral conversation that dominates. Facebook, by virtue of early decisions around privacy and significant bad press about the dangers of revealing too much, was locked out of this sphere, so it bought in.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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