WWII Causalities, Google Trends, Microsoft OneNote, More: Tuesday Afternoon Buzz, November 28, 2017


Digital Journal: WW2 Research Inc. and Research Expert Bill Beigel Launch WW2 Casualties Database (PRESS RELEASE). “WW2 Research Inc founder and research expert William L. ‘Bill’ Beigel has announced the launch of his WW2 Casualties Database. The database has launched with more than 100,000 names and other vital information on U.S. WWII casualties. When complete, the database will include all 407,000 American service members who died in active duty in World War II. The database will be the first complete, public, and searchable online resource to include all U.S. WWII casualties, with corrections to some of the errors in the historic listings at the National Archives.”


TechCrunch: Google Trends now surfaces data from News, Images, YouTube and Shopping verticals. “Google announced today it’s expanding the focus of its Google Trends service – the site that lets anyone track what the world’s web searchers are looking for in both real time and non-real time. The service now includes data from more Google products beyond web search, the company says, with the addition of search data from verticals like Google News, Shopping, Images and YouTube.”


MakeUseOf: How to Use Microsoft OneNote for Work. “Microsoft OneNote is a powerful free tool to capture your digital and handwritten notes. However, it can do so much more than that. OneNote is particularly useful for workplace productivity.”

PetaPixel: is a Photo Sharing Service for Then-and-Now Photos. “ is a new website decided to helping people create and share then-and-now photos. The site helps you automatically align before-and-after photos to show how things have changed over time. Known as ‘rephotography,’ this is the act of taking a photo of a scene that has already been photographed some time ago.”

Digital Trends: Sorry kid, access denied: Our favorite, free parental control software. “Most kids these days are well versed in the tech-savvy art of computing. Many of us wouldn’t mind a little assistance when it comes to curtailing cyberbullying, blocking inappropriate websites, or simply limiting our childrens’ computer usage — for many, it now hovers around eight hours a day. Thankfully, there is plenty of free parental control software available to help.”


SEO Roundtable honored Jill Whalen yesterday. Happily this was not an “in memoriam” type thing. Jill has retired from SEOing, but she was a tremendous influence on white hat SEO. (Now she is a tremendous influence on good health and good choices!)

AHA Today (and this is BRILLIANT): The Oral History Jukebox: A Mix Tape for the Next Generation of Oral Historians. “I had just begun working for the Starr Center for the Study of the American Experience at Washington College. My position, among other roles, called for teaching American history and helping to steer the StoryQuest Oral History Program’s World War II home front project. There was one challenge, however: while I had experience teaching WWII history, my background practicing and teaching oral history was limited.” How social media showed its unique power of crowdsourcing during the Chennai floods. “One ingenious resource that was circulated widely during the floods was a crowdsourced effort that mapped inundated roads in the city. Over 2,500 flooded roads were added to the city’s map via social media, which was put together by engineer and information designer, Arun Ganesh. The Chennai floods were a superb example of the power of collective effort. Users across social media channels came together to offer shelter, food, transport, and even a place for people to charge their phones. SOS messages asking ground teams to rescue stranded family members also went back and forth, and there were many who offered their homes and offices to those who were stranded.”


RTE: Russian man sent to penal colony for social media post. “A court in Russia’s second city Saint Petersburg has sentenced a man to two years in a penal colony for insulting high-ranking state officials on social media. Vladimir Timoshenko, 43, was found guilty of writing a post on popular Russian social network Vkontakte that ‘contained text of humiliating and insulting nature towards high placed officials,’ the court said in a statement. ”

RESEARCH & OPINION Bringing social media to unconnected areas . “The number of connected devices may be on the rise, but large swaths of the global population still live in areas without telecom infrastructure or a reliable internet connection. A group of EPFL researchers, working with the Pennsylvania State University and Médecins Sans Frontières, have developed a number of solutions to connect these areas.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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