Patreon Changes Fee Structures – Please Read This

Well, I’m supposed to be getting tomorrow’s ResearchBuzz ready, but I can’t. I have something on my mind and I need to get it written down so I can proceed with RB.

As you probably know, I have a Patreon account for ResearchBuzz. I really would like to do this full-time, but opportunities are limited; Facebook and Google are estimated to have 84% of global digital ad spend (excluding China) in 2017, AdSense and YouTube (Google properties) are having their own advertising problems, and Amazon turned me down for an affiliate account. So Patreon it is.

I love doing ResearchBuzz. I love finding resources, I love sharing them, when I have time I love to write about techniques you can use to make your search better. I don’t want to write about SEO and SEM, which are more lucrative – I want to write for you, the searcher and end user. You don’t set your alarm for 4:30 AM every weekday unless what gets you out of bed is really compelling. (On weekends I go wild and sleep in ’til six.)

Patreon has changed its fee structure, adding a 2.9% charge and a 35 cent service fee to each pledge. That means that those of you who are supporting me to the tune of $1 a month will now be paying $1.38 (I think) a month.

Listen, you worked for the money you support me with and you earned it and this change is raising your expected pledge by over 30%. And if you support a lot of people on Patreon this is going to raise your costs by a lot. You might be thinking maybe that you want to drop some creators, including me. I got one thing to say to you:

That is 100% okay.

If you signed up for a $1 pledge, you signed up for a $1 pledge. You did not sign up for $1.38. You did not sign up to get a some weird tax/service fee tacked on to your support. You did not sign up to get your costs jacked by over 30%. I am not going to blame you or hold it against you or anything if you dump Patreon or just dump ResearchBuzz. I will be grateful for all your support up until now and I will thank you ten thousand times for that.

I want you to know that.

Doing ResearchBuzz full time is my dream, if I can afford it and make it work. But it’s a dream. It’s not something I’m entitled to. It’s not something anybody owes me. I will keep doing it as long as I can, and if I have to fold up and stop one day, well, then I have to fold up.

But I would rather be dead in a ditch than have the mechanism of my support raise the fees that you are paying like this and not say anything. I am not here to exploit your goodwill. Ideally I am here to provide information and help you and make your life easier/better/more interesting/more productive.

I love you and appreciate your reading no matter what. Thank you. Thank you ten thousand times.

Sorry this isn’t well written; I’m kind of mad.