Atlanta Street Art, Georgia Magazines, National Film Registry, More: Wednesday Afternoon Buzz, December 13, 2017


AJC: New website provides street art map to murals all over Atlanta . “Atlanta wears its street art like a brilliant, colorful badge of honor. In some neighborhoods, one would be hard-pressed to find a wall that hasn’t already been commandeered by one of many notable artists. Atlanta Street Art Map, created by a man aptly-named Art Rudick, is a website that documents as much of the city’s street art as possible. The retired engineer became interested in the medium during a walking tour of Bushwick in New York and now maintains the site as a hobby, the website says.”

Digital Library of Georgia: Athens-Clarke County Library announces Image Magazine digitization project funded by Digital Library of Georgia grant. “Image Magazine, one of the area’s first African American lifestyle magazines, has been… digitized thanks to a $5,000 grant awarded to The Athens-Clarke County by the Digital Library of Georgia. Image Magazine was published by Dr. Robert Harrison from 1977 through 1980, and it covered the social life of the local African American community. ”

Library of Congress: Select National Film Registry Titles Now Available Free Online . “The Library of Congress is offering film lovers a special gift during the holiday season. Sixty-four motion pictures, named to the Library’s National Film Registry, are now available online on the Library’s website. The collection, ‘Selections from the National Film Registry,’ is also available to the public on YouTube. These films are among hundreds of titles that have been tapped for preservation because of their cultural, historical and aesthetic significance. ”


TechCrunch: WhatsApp business accounts will either be verified, confirmed or unconfirmed. “Another tidbit around how WhatsApp’s incoming business accounts will function: According to a FAQ for users of the messaging platform — on ‘Chatting with businesses’ — they will either have one of three status types: unconfirmed, confirmed or verified.”

Search Engine Journal: Facebook Removes Ticker News Feed For Monitoring Friends’ Activity . “Have you noticed the ticker is missing when viewing your Facebook news feed? It’s not just you— Facebook has officially removed the ticker and confirmed it’s no longer available. Since its launch in 2011, the ticker has been a permanent fixture of peoples’ news feeds. It allowed users to monitor their friends’ public activity on Facebook in real-time.”


BuzzFeed: YouTubers Made Hundreds Of Thousands Off Of Bizarre And Disturbing Child Content. “Before YouTube pulled the ads from ‘Ted’’s channel, it was making him tens of thousands of dollars a month. The father of two, who asked to use a pseudonym for fear of retaliation from YouTube, left a job with a six-figure salary to make YouTube videos of his young kids. These videos feature his children being “scared” by clowns, and adults mock-wrestling and handling a diaper covered in fake poop. As such, they fall into the broad category of ‘family-friendly’ content — that is, home videos featuring children in situations ranging from merely silly to potentially exploitative — which YouTube recently began cracking down on after public outcry and media attention.”

New York Times: The ‘Alt-Right’ Created a Parallel Internet. It’s an Unholy Mess.. “If you’ve lost sleep worrying about the growing power of the alt-right — that shadowy coalition that includes white nationalists, anti-feminists, far-right reactionaries and meme-sharing trolls — I may have found a cure for your anxiety. Just try using its websites.”

The Verge: Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society. “Another former Facebook executive has spoken out about the harm the social network is doing to civil society around the world. Chamath Palihapitiya, who joined Facebook in 2007 and became its vice president for user growth, said he feels ‘tremendous guilt’ about the company he helped make. ‘I think we have created tools that are ripping apart the social fabric of how society works,’ he told an audience at Stanford Graduate School of Business, before recommending people take a ‘hard break’ from social media.”

ABC News: Ethiopia faces social media blackout after new ethnic unrest. “Ethiopia faces a social media blackout as clashes intensify between ethnic groups in various parts of the country. Facebook and Twitter are down Tuesday after reports emerged of killings on Monday by security forces in the Oromia region.”


Nieman Lab: Fortifying Social Media From Automated Inauthenticity. “In the arms race to secure the authenticity of online media, platforms will need to step up their internal protocols for both purging inauthentic accounts as well as identifying influence campaigns. They should be as transparent as possible about this without undermining their efforts. They should also recognize that this is too important an issue to take up solely on their own.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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